Feature Guide: How Do the Leaderboards and Medals Functions Work?

Feature Guide: How Do the Leaderboards and Medals Functions Work?

26 July 2022

One of the many perks of owning a Shot Scope performance tracking product is the fact that you have complete access to a suite of free and engaging post-round features, designed to keep the game of golf interesting. In today’s guide, we explore how you can use the Leaderboards and Medals features to add a little bit of extra competition to every round you play with your friends, family, and playing partners.

So, what does the Leaderboards feature do?

In essence, Leaderboards provides an exciting platform for golfers to compare and compete with other Shot Scope users. This can range anywhere from creating your own Leaderboards comprising of your friends and playing partners, to comparing your game to others in the same country, with the same handicap, or even globally – the possibilities for competition are almost endless!

Unlike a conventional scorecard though, it’s not just about who can shoot the lowest scores. Shot Scope’s Leaderboards feature allows you to compare any element of your game that you wish. This means you can earn bragging rights among your friends for being the longest driver in the group, the most skilled at putting, or the best at approach shots. You choose where you want to compete.  

What are the different Leaderboard categories?

With the Leaderboards feature, you can choose to go as general or as specific as you like. The main categories are Driving, Approaches, Short Game, Putting, Scoring and Medal Points. But for those looking for something a bit more niche, there are also leaderboards which cater to that too.

Sub-categories are nested within each golfing discipline and provide a more detailed insight of a player’s performance in a given area. For example, when comparing your driving stats with a friend, you have the option to view the longest driving distance, but also average driving distance and driving accuracy. So even if you aren’t the biggest hitter, you can still get one up on your paying partners by being more consistent and finding more fairways off the tee.   

Or, if putting is more your strength, you have the option to compare metrics such as putts per round, lowest putts, longest putt and even one-putt percentage. There’s no excuse for not being a champion in at least one area!

What are Medals and how do you unlock them?

It’s always nice to receive a bit of praise when you hit one of your personal golfing goals, and that’s where the Medals feature comes in. You can now unlock Medals in the Shot Scope Dashboard for a range of different golfing achievements – allowing you to celebrate even the smallest of victories.

Medals are available for all areas of your golfing performance and are tiered so that you can move on to the next hardest level once you earn a Medal. For example, Medals are available for hitting the driver over 200 yards and increase in 25-yard increments. This provides useful encouragement for those looking to further their distance off the tee, as there is always another attainable Medal to aim for. Be warned though, if you want to be crowned longest driver with Shot Scope, your ball will have to hit the fairway. A 300-yard slice into the rough won’t win you any prizes here!

But it’s not just about golfing performance either. Users can also compete to see who has played the most renowned and prestigious courses, including famous championship venues and the world’s top 100. Whilst globetrotters can earn medals for playing rounds in the highest number of different countries.

Each medal unlocked also earns you points – the harder the goal, the more points you win. This provides another opportunity to compete, as users can strive to see who can accrue the most Medal Points and rise to the top of the Medal rankings in the Leaderboard’s section.

Why should you use the Leaderboards and Medals features?

Ultimately, they offer a unique new way of keeping you engaged every time you hit the course – encouraging you to always play your best. That feeling of success when you rank top of your local or even global Leaderboard, or earn a new Medal which your playing partners are yet to unlock, should help to keep you feeling motivated and passionate about golf.

So why not make the most of all the features your V3 or H4 GPS performance tracker has to offer, and visit the Shot Scope dashboard today?

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