Feature Guide: How to Explore Any Course in the World With Course Hub

Feature Guide: How to Explore Any Course in the World With Course Hub

1 August 2022

In this instalment of the Feature Guide series, we’re looking at how you can optimize your Shot Scope performance tracking experience with the Course Hub. This fantastic feature – which can be found on the Dashboard – is available to all Shot Scope users completely free of charge and empowers the user with the ability to virtually explore any golf course in the world.

Read on to discover how the Course Hub works and why you could benefit from using it.

How does the Course Hub work?

Shot Scope’s innovative Course Hub feature forms part of the Shot Scope Dashboard and can be found under the Explore tab. To get started and view any course from Shot Scope’s extensive maps library, simply type the name of the course you are looking for in the search bar. Or, if you want to discover a new course in your area, click the nearby courses button for a complete list of clubs in your vicinity.

Once you’ve found a course which you want to examine in greater detail, you can view each hole individually and get a feel for where the greatest challenges and opportunities lie. Furthermore, it’s easy to see how others fared, including where they struggled and what scores they posted. You can even view who holds various course records including longest drive, net record, gross record and rounds leader.

How can it help your game?

There are numerous ways the Course Hub can benefit your game. Firstly, by providing a platform to easily analyse and dissect any course, you can get a feel for new courses without ever having set foot on them. This means you can show up to the first tee with more confidence than your playing partners who don’t use Shot Scope. Whether you choose to share this newfound course knowledge is up to you!

Looking at the images below, we can see how the Course Hub can be used for a course such as Spyglass Hill in California. It’s easy to view how this particular Shot Scope user decided to play each hole and if their strategy resulted in lower scores. For hole 9, the user chose to lay up their drive short of the right-hand bunker which ultimately resulted in a bogey. This means that you might benefit from taking a more aggressive approach if you were to play this hole for yourself.

Whilst the Course Hub is a useful tool for preparing you for new courses, it can also be used to improve your performance around your home club. For example, if your scores have plateaued and you’re looking for new ways of improving, maybe a strategy shift is in order?  By viewing how the best performers around your course manage to achieve their low scores, it’s possible to take inspiration and adopt some of their playing strategies. Is there a hole you can play more aggressively, instead of playing safe with an iron, go for it with a Driver?

So, whether you merely want to satisfy your curiosity and endlessly browse the layouts of prestigious courses, prepare yourself for an upcoming golfing away day with your friends, or look for new ways of playing your own course, the Course Hub feature has you covered. To explore any course in the world and make the most of all the features your V3, H4, or PRO LX+ GPS performance tracker has to offer, simply click here.

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