5 reasons you should track your performance in 2020

5 reasons you should track your performance in 2020

6 November 2019

Want to beat your friends in the weekly medal? Lower your handicap? Win the club championship? Win a national title? Or simply want to get better at golf? You need to track your performance!

To succeed at whatever your golfing goal may be, you need to know the strengths, weaknesses and intricate details of your game. Shot Scope V2 allows for detailed statistics to be produced, enabling you to improve your game and achieve that goal!

Why you should track your performance No.1 – Understand the truth about your game

Tracking your game helps to ensure you understand what you are capable of and helps identify what your strengths and weaknesses are. Understanding the truth about your game, is the first step to improving – it allows you to set realistic goals based on the statistics of your current golf game.

You might think you are a good short game player who gets up and down often, but perhaps this means you’re not hitting as many greens as you could be. You don’t know until you track.

track your performance image 1 - everyone on 18th green

Why you should track your performance No. 2 – Play Smarter

Shot Scope V2 allows you to make better informed decisions. Discover what your strengths are and play to them on the course!

This varies for every golfer, depending on their individual strengths. For example, some golfers ‘think’ they hit is closer from a certain distance, say 100 yards. When in reality their stats show that the closer they are to the hole the closer they hit it. Instead of laying up to 100 yards if in trouble or on a par 5, this golfer’s aim should be to get the ball as close to the green as possible. This is a change they should make to play to their strengths and play smarter golf.

Do you know if you hit is closer from 50, 80 or 100 yards? If the answer is no, perhaps you should consider tracking your game in 2020.

track your performance image 2 - jen and frank where to aim

Why you should track your performance No. 3 – Practice Your Weaknesses

Everyone likes to practice what they are good at. Why? Because it feels good to hit good shots. However you will never improve if you don’t practice your weaknesses.

Tracking your statistics allows for you to pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of your game. For example, your stats show you hit 12/14 fairways regularly, but average 38 putts a round. Why not switch the range session for an hour on the putting green? The good old saying ‘drive for show, putt for dough’ comes to mind. Many Shot Scope users have been able to identify that it is the short game shots that let them down on the course. This allows them to make that area of the game their focus for the upcoming practice during the winter months.

Top Tip: If you practice your weaknesses, you may grow to love that aspect of the game!

track your performance image 3 - mike putting

Why you should track your performance No. 4 – Set Goals

Tracking your performance allows for you to set mini performance goals based upon your statistics. For example, if you usually hit 8 greens in regulation per round, your goal could be to hit 10 the next time you play. Another example could be, reducing your average number of putts per round to less than 30.

Setting mini goals based on on-course performance, gives you something to focus on, other than your score. If you get close to hitting your goal, it makes you more determined the next time you play too.

Achieving these goals, is part of the bigger picture. If you meet these goals, the likelihood is, you are improving at the same time!

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Why you should track your performance No. 5 – Monitor Improvements

After having tracked your game and focused your practice on your weaker areas, you will be able to see if you have made any improvements or met any goals. Again, after switching those range sessions to putting sessions, you will be able to pinpoint if that putting practice has paid off and you now average less putts per round.

This is then an ongoing cycle of continual goal setting based upon your statistics and improvement.

Combined, these 5 reasons ‘why you should track your performance’ all contribute to an improved overall performance. Improving performance will enable goals to be obtained and make those precious victories more frequent and easier to come by.


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