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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Where do you ship to?

Shot Scope will ship world-wide. There are charges for shipping outside of the USA and UK.

2. When will Shot Scope be available in retail stores?

Shot Scope is currently available online only and in limited retail stores. Retailers that are interested in stocking Shot Scope should contact the team at info@shotscope.com

Shot Scope Wristband

1. Can the Shot Scope wristband be used by all golfers?

Yes, both left handed and right handed golfers can use the Shot Scope wristband. The golfer needs to wear the wristband on their glove hand.

2. Is there any reason the Shot Scope wristband won’t work for a golfer?

The Shot Scope wristband won’t give full putting statistics to golfers who use belly or ‘long’ putters. For more information please contact us at info@shotscope.com.

3. Do I have to download my performance data immediately?

No, you can store up to 100 rounds on the wristband.

4. How many courses has Shot Scope mapped?

Shot Scope currently has a database of over 15000 courses. Users can request a course at any time, and courses are typically mapped within 2 days.

5. Does my course need to be mapped?

No, you can use Shot Scope on a course that has not been mapped and you will receive performance data. The course will be mapped within 3 days after you have played. You can always let us know courses that you will play in the future by emailing info@shotscope.com.

6. Is Shot Scope conforming to the rules of golf?

Shot Scope has not yet been submitted for conformance testing by the governing bodies. However, the Shot Scope team has designed the product to be fully conforming and will announce this when we have official confirmation.

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