Easy to set up

Set up and play in 5 minutes! Simply screw the tags into your clubs before your first round and make sure your band is charged. Set up your account online and you’re ready to go.

Wristband and tags

The comfortable wristband is suitable for both right and left-handed golfers and adjusts to 11 wrist-sizes. The system also includes 20 unique tags which will fit each club and weigh only 1.2 grams each.


Shot Scope has been ruled as Conforming to the Rules of Golf and can be used in competitive play. The system has been used at all levels, including by pros on the European Tour.

Shot Scope Wristband


Automatic performance tracking

ClubSense allows the wristband to "sense" the tag during the swing with no manual input. The technology also enables Shot Scope to differentiate between practice swings and real shots, optimizing the accuracy of your data.

Enhanced putting statistics

The golfer simply clicks the PinCollect button to locate the position of the pin on the green, taking only 2 seconds. This results in enhanced putting data to improve your game.

No Phones, No Tagging

Unlike all competitors, you don’t need to use your phone on the course or manually "tag" your clubs after every shot. Shot Scope is golf’s first fully automated performance tracking system leaving you free to enjoy your game.


Tour-level Statistics

Shot Scope collates your data into over 100 Tour-level statistics. Take control of your game and adopt long-term strategies for sustainable improvement. Suitable for golfers of every level who are committed to reaching their potential.

Every shot tracked

Access a unique perspective of your game by reviewing your shots on an overhead course map. Every shot is plotted onto the course using GPS; understand how far each tee shot went and how close you hit it to the pin.


Free apps are available for both Android and iOS which allow golfers to upload and view their data directly from their smartphone. Relive every shot and every round wherever you are and whenever you want.

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Shot Scope Overview Dashboard
Shot Scope Performance Dashboard



Find out exact distances for each club. Shot Scope breaks the game down into 4 sections: tee shots, approaches, short game and putting. Understand your whole game and try to beat your personal records.

Improve your golf

Shot Scope provides a wealth of information and is designed to optimize improvement. Users consistently feedback the impact of the system on their game, allowing them to gain a new perspective, target their weaknesses and focus their development.

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Shot Scope

Shot Scope




  • Shot Scope wristband
  • 20 Lightweight tags
  • 1 x USB cable
  • Free iOS/Android App
  • Free user account at www.shotscope.com
  • 12 months warranty


Shot Scope ships internationally.

If buyer is outside of the US, UK or EU they are responsible for any import duties, taxes or charges incurred which are not in the item price and shipping cost.

Product Description

Shot Scope is the first fully automated performance tracking system for golf. Track your progress based on more than just your score, know your game inside out and make every shot count. Comprising of a wristband and 20 lightweight tags the system works in the background collecting over 100 tour-level statistics to give you accurate and intelligent feedback on your game.
The wristband is comfortable, light and fully adjustable to 11 different sizes to suit every golfer’s wrist. The tags are easily screwed into your grips and weigh only one gram, therefore not impacting your club’s swing weights.
Shot Scope has been designed to have minimal impact on your game meaning no need to carry a phone or manually tag your shots.
After your round, upload your performance data to the Shot Scope dashboard or one of the free Shot Scope mobile apps. See every shot you hit on an aerial map of the course, check that you beat your long drive or find out exactly how far you hit each club.
Shot Scope is suitable for golfers of every level, from amateurs to professionals and works for both left and right handed golfers.