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The Ultimate Golfer’s Guide

The areas discussed in this ebook aim to provide you with a new approach to thefundamentals of golf and golf improvement. Golf is an incredibly difficult sport to play, therefore the tips and insights included in this book aims to make golf less stressful and more enjoyable for every level of golfer.

Use the information provided in this ebook to help you learn about key areas of improvement and perhaps think differently the next time you are out on the golf course. This ebook is based around 3 main handicaps of 8, 14 and 20 however, regardless of your handicap this ebook provides nuggets of information that will help you improve your game and lower your scores.

The information and statistics used in this ebook have been collected from the Shot Scope user database. Shot Scope produces the Shot Scope V3 – a GPS watch with automatic shot tracking, proven to change the way you approach the game and improve your golf.

Inside The Ultimate Golfers Guide

What’s inside ebook 1?

The ebook comprises 4 chapters:

  • Tee Shots
  • Approaches
  • Short Game
  • Putting

Each chapter looks at key statistics in the game that will enable you to make smarter decisions on the golf course.

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