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Frank and Mike - Golficity

"Packed with features, under 200 bucks, got to love it!"

Frank and Mike - Golficity

Sophie Walker - Golfalot

Shot Scope Laser vs GPS Watch: THE 4 HOLE CHALLENGE!

Sophie Walker - Golfalot

Andy Todd - Andy’s Golf Blo

Is this the best
rangefinder of 2021?

Lets Play Thru

Andy Todd - Andy’s Golf Blo

“Knowing you can get a yardage to the pin is really important!"

Andy Todd - Andy’s Golf Blog

Kris McEwen - PROL1 Review

“For under $200(USD) you get everything you basically need from a Rangefinder”

Kris McEwen

Corrine Binks - PROL1 Review

"For my first rangefinder, I like it and would recommend the PRO L1"

Corrine Binks

Ryan Rastall Equipment Expert - Golfshake PROL1 Review

“I found this easier to lock on to the flag than the model I currently use."

Ryan Rastall Equipment Expert - Golfshake

GolfMagic PROL1 Review

“PRO L1 comparison to other premium brands such as Bushnell”


Independent online reviews

  • Golfalot Reviews Shot Scope PRO L1

    "The Pro L1 is an excellent entry into the rangefinder world from Shot Scope. It's performance is extremely accurate and for that price tag, you really can't go wrong here."

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  • At under $200(USD), it makes this rangefinder pretty darn attractive

    "The PRO L1 is not lacking features or quality. Featuring a Precision Clear lens that allows you to switch between color options of red or black for better optics."

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  • PRO L1 Premium Features with Affordable Pricing

    "It would be foolish (if not irresponsible) for you to not consider the PRO L1 if you were looking to add a rangefinder or replace an outdated model.”

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  • Shot Scope reveal tech-packed rangefinder for under $200(USD)!

    "Tech-packed Pro L1 accurate to less than four inches and costing just

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  • New for this year, The Shot Scope PRO L1 Laser

    "Featuring technology that should help golfers lock onto their target and receive accurate distances.”

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  • Is the Shot Scope Pro L1 the BEST value for money laser rangefinder?

    "The Shot Scope Pro L1 offers everything you need, for a fraction of the price.”

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What Shot Scope users say...

  • Corrine Binks headshot

    “The PRO L1, is lightweight, fits in my hand nicely and comes in a nice carry case. The rangefinder is beneficial for the slope, before using I wouldn't have clubbed up or down.”

    Corrine Binks @DonnyGolfGirl

  • Andy Todd headshot

    “Shot Scope products are made to a high standard with excellent aftercare support. I often wonder if it is worth spending $300(USD)-$400(USD) on a rangefinder. At $200(USD) the PRO L1 has performed every time.”

    Andy Todd @andysgolfblog

  • Frank Fasano headshot

    “The super accurate PRO L1 is packed with features and at under 200 bucks, you've got to love it!”

    Frank Fasano @Golficity

Shot Scope vs other lasers on the market

FeaturesNEW Shot Scope
NEW Shot Scope
NEW Shot Scope
Blue Tees
Pro X3
Precision Pro
NX9 Slope
Cheap laser
Slope Technologyyesyesyesyesyesyesyesno
Target-Lock Vibration yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes
Red and Black Dual Opticsyesyesnoyesyesnonono
Distance Range (Yards)9009007009005-1,300900450600
Zoom Magnificationx7x7x6x7x7x6x6x6
Accurate to 1 Yard yesyesyesyesyesyesyesno
Replaceable Batteryyesyesyesyesyesyesnoyes
Tournament Legalyesyesyesyesyesyesyesno
Built-in Cart Magnetyesyesyesyesyesyesnono
Performance Tracking Statisticsyesnonononononono
GPS Distancesyesnononononoyesno
Strokes Gained yesnonononononono
*Source information

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*All information contained in this table is correct at time of collection (8th Feb 2023). Where price was reflective of exchange rates at that time, if there was no option available for a particular currency. Information was collated from the following websites:

NX9 SLOPE Rangefinder

Bushnell PRO X3

Garmin Z82

Amazon Laser – Peak Pulse

Blue Tees 3 MAX

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