The performance tracking experience

Shot Scope


Performance tracking is an in-depth collection of data that gives the golfer feedback which allows a better understanding of an individual’s performance. It helps the player evaluate their game from the first shot to the last. This information allows the player to dissect their round, making for better understanding, constructive practice and better golf. Normally performance tracking is reserved for the elite golfers but Shot Scope now allows all golfers to collect performance data without interrupting their game. Why should a golfer track performance:

  • Understand your weaknesses so you can directly try to improve in these areas
  • Know your strengths so you can manage your game better and hit the correct shots
  • Know your yardages (golfers are constantly amazed at the distances they hit the ball)
  • Judge your round of golf by lots of performance parameters rather than one score!
  • Show your coach your performance data and get the most out of your lessons

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