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How to use data to improve

This ebook takes a slightly different approach to the others, it looks at a range of case studies and data articles that Shot Scope have produced. The seven articlesincluded in this ebook should help gain an understanding of how using statistics can help you improve your game.

There are a wide range of topics covered across all the articles in this ebook, meaning there should be something you can relate to about your own game. Apply the tips and guidance included in this ebook to your own game and start improving your golf today.

If you are already a Shot Scope user you can use the processes in these articles to help analyze each area of your own game. This will help outline what your individual strengths and weaknesses are.

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What’s inside ebook 3

How to use data to improve comprises 7 separate data articles:

  • The anatomy of a 3 putt
  • Shot Scope user Rob
  • George’s poor greenside play
  • Helping Tom make better club choices
  • Improving Ian’s short game
  • Is the new driver worth the $500 investment?
  • Why am I 3 putting so often?

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