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The Top 10 Strategy Mistakes

This ebook looks at 10 strategy mistakes that golfers make on a regular basis. Each mistake has been analyzed through the use of Shot Scope statistics and toptips have been provided to help you improve your on-course strategy.

A few of the key topics in this ebook are club selection, short game and basic course management errors. For the purpose of this ebook, all statistics have been highlighted against 5 handicaps 2, 8, 14, 20 and 26.

This ebook aims to get you thinking differently the next time you play golf. It contains little nuggets of information based upon not only stats, but golfing experience, that will help change the way you think about the game.

Inside the top ten stragety mistakes ebook

What’s inside ebook 2?

The top 10 strategy mistakes include:

  • Not hitting enough club
  • Compounding errors
  • Spending too much time in the sand
  • Driver or 3 wood off the tee
  • Club selection

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