Shot Scope - The ultimate golf GPS watch with automated performance tracking

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Five minute set up

Create your Shot Scope account online, download the courses you play, screw the tags into your clubs and you’re ready to go.

The hardware

Shot Scope V2 is fully waterproof and adjusts to 11 wrist-sizes. The system includes 20 lightweight tags which screw into your clubs and can be customised in your account to identify what is in your bag.

Smart GPS - Shot Scope V2 tracks every shot you play during your round.

Effortless improvement

Play your way

Shot Scope V2 has three modes; GPS, PRO and GPS+Track to suit different playing environments.

Dynamic Yardages

An in-built Smart GPS chip provides dynamic Front/Middle/Back distances, in meters or yards, from anywhere on the course. Distances update with every adjustment, based on detailed course mapping, giving you more accurate information than competitor products.

Automatic performance tracking

Industry-leading technology works in the background to automatically collect performance data. Wearing V2 as a watch allows it to communicate with the tags in the grip of your clubs, gathering data for post-round analysis completely in the background.

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Data is uploaded via USB or Bluetooth to free iOS, Android or Desktop apps.


Access a unique perspective of your game by reviewing your shots on an overhead course map. Every shot is plotted onto the course using GPS, so you can relive and review every round.


Over 100 Tour-level statistics are broken down into four key sections: tee shots, approaches, short game and putting. Using interactive graphs, maps and charts the data comes alive and provides invaluable information for on and off course game management and improvement.

Shot Scope Performance Tracking System Apps
Shot Scope Performance Tracking System Apps
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