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"The best shot tracking system on the market."

"No tagging while playing hole, simple to use, excellent accuracy."

"Shot Scope should be top of your shopping list."

"Stats that no other system has."

"As simple as turning on the watch and playing golf."

"It does it all without tagging on every shot."

"The only system that knows where the hole is, and that allows it to produce stats other systems can't."

"The Shot Scope stat tracking system is easy to use, reliable and accurate."

"I'm really impressed with Shot Scope."

"Shot Scope has isolated many of the extremely important aspects of what makes a shot tracking device good."

"It will rightly seal itself among the leaders in this product class."

"The course was mapped within 24 hours, which is impressive."

"After a few swings on the range, I forgot I had it on."

"It's incredibly easy to use, even for a techno fool like me, and provides plenty of useful stats."

"Shot Scope is easy to use and doesn't interfere with your game much at all."

"The first system that I can record the flag position."

"This is what tour players do and Shot Scope goes a long way to giving the same level of detail to amateur golfers."

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Shot Scope watch 20 lightweight tags 1 x USB cable Free iOS/Android app Free user account at 12 month warranty

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