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Become a better player with data insights on your game

Free mobile app no subscription

100+ statistics on your game

View your data on the
Shot Scope dashboard

Connect with your golf coach

16 performance tracking tags

Easy to track your game Simple to set up

Play your next round with golf’s most affordable and accurate game tracker, with no monthly subscription fees and access to over 100 statistics about your game.

The CONNEX tags are powered by the Shot Scope app and work with your mobile phone in the same way you use your device for contactless. Set up is simple and easy, the powerful 16 lightweight tags easily screw into the end of each club grip.

Open up the app on the 1st tee, select your course and you are ready to play!

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Download our free app - no subscription fees
Buy the CONNEX club tags to start tracking your data
and lowering scores today!

with your phone

One of the industry’s most cost-effective ways to access full performance tracking. Golfers simply require a CONNEX tracking tag pack and their smartphone to gain access to the Shot Scope free mobile app and web dashboard.

Previously, golfers would require Shot Scope tracking tags and a GPS device to have access to such valuable information – not anymore.

Track your game and improve

CONNEX allows golfers to performance track their game which is a proven way to lower your scores. On average, players using Shot Scope tracking technology have lowered their handicap by 4.1 shots!

The only way to see your strengths and weaknesses with numerical evidence is through tracking, start now and start improving.

Connectwith your coach

Shot Scope Academy allows players and coaches to connect like never before. Have you ever had a lesson and it feels like you are hitting the ball completely different from on the course? Not ideal if you only have a half hour session to fix your game.

Fear not, Shot Scope data will show your coach exactly how you are playing and allow for a more efficient use of your time. Coaches will be able to engage with players and create plans to target areas for improvement, make the most out of your time and practice.

Full course aerial maps

The aerial maps feature allows golfers to view the course prior to playing. CONNEX gives golfers a bird’s eye view of each hole and allows you to set a strategy before you set foot on the course.

Have confidence at a course you have never played before with CONNEX aerial maps navigating you round!

36,000 coursesworldwide

Shot Scope’s database contains over 36,000 courses and can be updated within 48hrs should your course not be on the database.

Shot Scope's course mapping team can easily make any changes to a course at your request, such as adding a new bunker.

No subscriptions or hidden costs

As with all Shot Scope products, CONNEX allows golfers to access over 100+ performance statistics with no additional fee or subscription.

Unlike other golf data providers, Shot Scope has no cost for premium statistics – get every statistic and feature, for free.

  • Your game, your data Club Distances

    Tracking with CONNEX will give you the precise distances you hit your clubs with Performance Averages. P-Avg tracks the distances you hit shots and removes any outliers that are exceptionally long or short to give you a distance that you can confidently expect to hit your clubs. This then allows you to see any potential gaps in the bag and reconsider your set make-up as well as making it easier to select the right club for the shot club yourself appropriately.

  • Your game, your data Course Overview

    Post round, review your game on the Shot Scope app. Identify the exact holes that you are playing well as well as those that you need to improve on. Analyze the shots that are negatively or positively impacting scoring via the shots plotted feature on course analysis. From there, devise a strategy to try and lower your score shot by shot.

  • Your game, your data Tee Shots

    Performance tracking allows you to see what your tee shot tendencies are and adjust accordingly. It is unlikely that you will hit every fairway, but if you know where you are likely to miss, you can setup for this on the tee box. Keep destructive tee shots off the card and minimise unnecessary penalties off the tee.

  • Your game, your data Short Game

    Shot Scope’s PinCollect feature allows for precise short game statistics to be measured such as: average proximity; up-and-down percentage, sand save percentage, and individual club performance.

    Any shot within 50 yards of the green is classified as a short game shot.

  • Your game, your data Approaches

    Analyze your green in regulation percentage; various proximity breakdowns and green success by club to see which clubs are costing you shots.

    Any shot attempting to hit the green beyond 50 yards is classified as an approach. Sliders on the Shot Scope app allow you to narrow this field and look at key yardages. Improve you GIR% and lower scores will soon follow.

  • Your game, your data Putting

    Post round, review your putting prowess with the interactive graph. A percentage breakdown is given for your putting tendencies, how often do you miss short or long? Shot Scope can tell you this as well as your make % from varying distances, going up in 3ft increments. See how your putting compares to your fellow golfers.

  • Your game, your data Scoring

    Not only can you track your shots to gain the highly valuable performance data, but you can also record your score on a digital scorecard. Convenient, as well as allowing golfers to compare their scoring round to round, season to season, for comparison and goal setting. Is your practice paying off? The only way to know is to track.

  • Your game, your data Strokes Gained

    Unlike traditional statistics, Strokes Gained gives a positive or negative score for each aspect of your game against a defined benchmark. This highly valuable information is available at no additional cost and can show the exact areas of your game that are negatively impacting scoring. Similarly, you can apply this to individual strokes on the mobile app or web dashboard and see if your strategy is helping or hindering your score.

Shot Scope CONNEX Performance Tracking Tags

CONNEX performance tracking tags record every shot you hit on the golf course, allowing you to keep your score and collect personalized data as you play. Track your game by simply tapping the club tag against your phone (usually kept in a pocket) before each shot.  


During your round you can access full course aerial maps giving you a bird’s eye view of every hole you play. Measure the distance to the front, middle and back of the green, plus any point on the hole such as a hazard or the distance to a dogleg. With over 36,000 courses accurately mapped, you will have all the distances you need to perform at your best. 

Post round, analyze statistics on how you performed reviewing data on club distances, approaches, short game, putting, shot dispersion and more. Know your strengths and weaknesses with Strokes Gained as well as Handicap Benchmarking so you know what areas to practice on.

CONNEX allows the golfer to understand their game better, improve on-course strategy and shoot lower scores.
The future of golf is powered by Shot Scope. 

Product Details
16 x CONNEX performance tracking tags with RFID technology - lightweight at only 2 grams 
Assign your clubs enabling game tracking to record your on-course data
Free mobile app and web dashboard statistics platform - no hidden fees or subscriptions
Post-round review 100+ statistics on your game including strokes gained and handicap benchmarking 
Full course aerial maps of every hole you play
Over 36,000 courses worldwide available to play for free 
View your shots directly on the bird’s eye view map
Dynamic yardages to the front/middle/back of the green
Measure GPS distances to hazards, doglegs or any point on the course
Shot Scope’s in-house course mapping team can make updates to a course at your request within 48 hours
Review green layout and move the pin position for more accurate yardages
Personalized data on tee shots, approaches, short game, putting, scoring and full round/season
Statistics can be broken down by lie type, distance, club used, proximity, round and season 
Share good rounds or achievements with golf buddies on your social pages
Interactive features; Earn Medals and compete on the Shot Scope Leaderboards
Virtually join any golf club on Course Hub and analyze how Shot Scope users play that course
Build a strategy for golf courses you play regularly with shots plotted and course analysis
Detailed putting statistics for in-depth data on and around the green
Distance units (Yards / Meters)
Conforms to the Rules of Golf
Free software updates, including new features 
Keep track of your score with the digital scorecard 
Access to Shot Scope Academy as a player, allowing your coach (if registered) to analyze your data and use insights to inform your lessons and practice
Tap anywhere on a hole to get an instant distance 
Watch Specification
Material: ABS plastic
Weight: 2 grams per club tag
Technology:: NFC - CONNEX will work with any phone that is NFC enabled. If your phone is capable of contactless payments, it is NFC enabled.
System Requirements
• Smartphone
• Android 10 or later with BLE 4.0
• iOS 14 or later with BLE 4.0
• Internet Access
What’s included:
• 16 x Shot Scope CONNEX performance tracking tags
• Free iOS / Android app
• Statistics Platform with Strokes Gained and Handicap Benchmarking
• 2 year Shot Scope warranty

USA: 3-7 business days
UK: 1-3 business days
Ireland: 2-4 business days
Europe: 2-4 business days
Rest of the world: 7-14 business days

30 day Money-back Promise
2 years limited warranty
Read full returns policy here >


Do I get access to the same data as other Shot Scope products?

Yes. All Shot Scope performance tracking products grant users full access to over 100+ free statistics.

What if I already use a different brand for my GPS?

CONNEX can be used in harmony with other manufacturers, for example if you own or use an alternative GPS product for your distances you can still use CONNEX to track your data. All you require is access to your mobile phone to allow for data tracking.

How will I know if CONNEX will work with my phone?

CONNEX will work with any phone that is NFC enabled. If your phone is capable of contactless payments, it is NFC enabled.

How does CONNEX works?

CONNEX works by utilising performance tracking tags and GPS location to give precise distance measurements and shot recording data. Simply screw the tags into the grip of your club and armed with your smartphone, head out onto the course.

Are there any additional fees for premium statistics?

As with all Shot Scope products, there are no additional fees to access any of the performance tracking data. Purchasing CONNEX grants you access to all statistics, including features such as Strokes Gained and Handicap Benchmarking with no extra subscription fee.

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