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Shot Scope has used the data from its platform to recommend ways that golfers can lower their scores through better course management and shot strategy.

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Did you know that 84% of missed putts over five feet finish short?

Or, that your typical drive is nearly 30 yards shorter than your Sunday best drive? These are just two intriguing statistics thrown up by Shot Scope’s performance tracking data platform.

Here, we look at some of the platforms findings and recommend how to improve through our series of e-books. When it comes to playing better Golf, data collection might not be top of your agenda. After reading these e-books, it should be!

As a Golfer, you must have asked yourself at least one of these questions…

• How can I hit my Driver further?
• Should I use a hybrid or an iron?
• How to improve your wedge approaches?

The following guides will answer your most common questions about Golf data and strategy.

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Golf strategy advice on all aspects of Golf to help you learn about and improve your game.

Download our free guides for golfers now and…

• Learn the common mistakes within putting and how to eliminate them
• Hit more greens by understanding club distance data
• Understanding where golfer’s lose shots to improve your scores
• Find out more about how collecting data can lower your score

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