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Shot Scope Pro L2 - Affordable, accurate  and stylish
Shot Scope Pro L2 - Affordable, accurate  and stylish

Affordable, accurate and stylish

Built to perform and renowned for being one of the most affordable rangefinders on the market. Giving the golfer superior performance and accurate distances every time they hit the golf course.

The PRO L2 rangefinder is the perfect combination of size, accuracy and advanced technology.

Shot Scope Pro L2 - Affordable, accurate  and stylish
Shot Scope Pro L2 - Affordable, accurate  and stylish
Shot Scope Pro L2 - Affordable, accurate  and stylish

Built to perform Guaranteed 2 year warranty

Dial in on your distances

Quick and fast Target-lock vibration

The new and improved Rapid-fire detection helps you lock on to a target instantly followed by sending a short pulse vibration to give you confidence that you have hit the desired location.

Most golfers find locking on to an object with a rangefinder difficult if they have shaky hands. The x6 magnification and Target-lock technology built inside the PRO L2 make it quick and easy to hit any target on the golf course.

Adaptive Slope technology

Adaptive slope technology accurately adjusts to your distance, taking the up and down elevations into account, to allow for better club selection.

On PRO L2 flick the switch to turn slope on or off making the rangefinder tournament legal.

Strong and durable built-in cart magnet

The built-in magnet secures the rangefinder to any golf cart or magnetic surface effortlessly. You can be sure that your rangefinder is never going to drop with the powerful integrated technology.

The Shot Scope PRO L2 is designed with a full rubber anti-slip grip for enhanced durability and comfort.

700 yard range and a x6 zoom

The 700 yard range is more than enough distance to hit everything you ever need on those long Par 5’s.

Paired with x6 magnification the lens will magnify your target 6 times, making a flag 150 yards away look as clear as a flag only 25 yards away!

Secure and durable carry case

Designed and built with quality materials making the PRO L2 a durable and long lasting laser.

Give your PRO L2 a safe home by storing it in the tough and water resistant Shot Scope branded carry case protecting your rangefinder from any minor bumps and falls.

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Shot Scope vs other lasers on the market

FeaturesNEW Shot Scope
NEW Shot Scope
NEW Shot Scope
Blue Tees
Pro X3
Precision Pro
NX9 Slope
Cheap laser
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RRPAs of 08 Feb 2023*£269.00£549.00£190.47£549.99£74.99
Slope Technologyyesyesyesyesyesyesyesno
Target-Lock Vibration yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes
Red and Black Dual Opticsyesyesnoyesyesnonono
Distance Range (Yards)9009007009005-1,300900450600
Zoom Magnificationx7x7x6x7x7x6x6x6
Accurate to 1 Yard yesyesyesyesyesyesyesno
Replaceable Batteryyesyesyesyesyesyesnoyes
Tournament Legalyesyesyesyesyesyesyesno
Built-in Cart Magnetyesyesyesyesyesyesnono
Performance Tracking Statisticsyesnonononononono
GPS Distancesyesnononononoyesno
Strokes Gained yesnonononononono
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NX9 SLOPE Rangefinder

Bushnell PRO X3

Garmin Z82

Amazon Laser – Peak Pulse

Blue Tees 3 MAX

Key Features

  •  Built-in cart magnet Built-in
    cart magnet
  • Adaptive slope technology Adaptive slope
  • Target-lock vibrationTarget-lock
  • Rapid-fire detectionRapid-fire
  • x6 zoom & 700 yard range x6 zoom &
    700 yard range
  • Precision clear lens Precision
    clear lens

Shot Scope PRO L2 Laser Rangefinder

The Shot Scope PRO L2 is a compact and stylish rangefinder providing the golfer with fast and accurate distances on the golf course. Never guess again with adaptive slope technology correctly adjusting your distance, taking the up and down hills into account to allow for better club selection. Quickly flick the switch to turn slope off, making the PRO L2 legal in tournaments.

Attach the PRO L2 to a golf cart or magnetic surface with the extra strong built-in magnet. Alternatively clip and attach your PRO L2 to your golf bag using the waterproof carry case.

One of the most affordable rangefinders on the market packed with advanced features including rapid-fire detection and target-lock vibration to ensure you hit the target with confidence every time.

Product Details
Adaptive slope technology
Rapid-fire detection
Target-lock vibration
Strong and secure built-in cart magnet
Range 700 yards
x6 magnification
Precision clear lens
Quick distances with scan mode
Distances in yards or metres
Adjustable eyepiece
Accurate to 1 yard
Water resistant
Conforms to the Rules of Golf
2 Years limited warranty
Replaceable CR2-3V battery
Carry case, cleaning cloth, carry clip included
Laser Specification
Lens Material: Hardened Mineral Glass
Laser type: 905nm, Class 1
Weight: 215 grams
Lens type: Fully Multi-Coated
Battery type: CR2-3V
Battery life: Approx. 5,800 measures
Slope: On/Off: Yes
Range: 700 yards
Range accuracy: 1 yard
Measurement units: Yards or Metres
Magnification: x6
Water resistant: Yes
Length: 105mm
Width: 40mm
Depth: 75mm
What’s included:
• 1 x Shot Scope PRO L2 laser rangefinder
• 1 x Waterproof and durable carry case
• 1 x Carabiner
• 1 x Lens cleaning cloth
• 1 x CR2-3V battery

UK: 1-3 business days
USA: 3-7 business days
Ireland: 2-4 business days
Europe: 2-4 business days
Rest of the world: 7-14 business days

30 day Money-back Promise
2 years limited warranty
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What is the difference between the PRO L2 and PRO LX+ ?

The PRO L2 is the little brother to the PRO LX+ rangefinder without the GPS distances, shot tracking technology and the dual optical display. Perfect for the golfer who wants a great performing rangefinder with slope. The PRO L2 features a cart magnet built-in for the option to attach the rangefinder to a golf cart.

How do I turn slope on / off?

Slope can be easily turned off on the side of the rangefinder, making the PRO L2 legal in tournaments and conforming to the rules of golf.

How do I attach the PRO L2 to a golf cart?

The PRO L2 has an extra strong built-in cart magnet to allow the golfer to attach the rangefinder to a golf cart or magnetic surface. The magnet is on the right-hand side of the rangefinder inside the rubber grip.

How accurate is the 700 yard range?

The precision clear lens paired with x6 zoom makes targets sharp and visible. Designed with a 700 yard range covering more than you will ever need on a golf course! Distances can be displayed in both yards and metres and are accurate to 1 yard.

Question? Contact our support team: support@shotscope.com

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Hit every target with PRO L2

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