Latest Shot Scope App Update

Latest Shot Scope App Update

1 March 2024

We have recently launched an update to the Shot Scope mobile app based on user feedback, make sure you are on the latest app version to get the best user experience.

Latest app versions: iOS 3.0.10 / Android 4.1.2 (at time of publication)

In the image, you will see that you can now view a Strokes Gained value for each hole and individual shots, something previously available exclusively on the web dashboard. The value in the top right corner is the Strokes Gained for the hole, and when selecting a specific shot, the value in the bottom right is the Strokes Gained for that individual shot.

This will allow players to see in their round review how individual strokes gain or lose them strokes, allowing for more informed decisions to be made when considering club selection. 

Is there a hole that continues to give you issues? Perhaps your approach to the hole is not optimal based on your performance data and without changing something, it will continue to be a problem hole. Now with this update, you can analyse every single shot you hit on the course.

On the round overview page, there are a few different statistics now – including a Strokes Gained overview for that specific round. This allows you to quickly and easily identify what went well and what wasn’t as good on the course that day.

Remember, positive numbers mean you gained shots, and negative numbers are what could be improved. You can find out more about Strokes Gained here. You can quickly flick between the Strokes Gained values for that round, the current season or last year too.

Get a snapshot of your performance at a glance with this app update before delving deeper.

Within the performance section of the app there are some new graphs and styles, most notably the ‘over time’ line graphs. These line graphs aid with the identification of trends – i.e. is the line moving up or down as time goes on. 

Depending on the filter you have selected (default is last 10 rounds) you can tap on the graph to view the stat for the individual rounds or months. Was there a particular month or round that your short game was better than usual? Easily identify it on the over time graph.

In the image, you will see that below the round overview there is a review tab. This will pop up or appear when you play a new course for the first time after this app update. You can leave a review of the course and facilities, as well as an image to evidence your time and experience at the course for other Shot Scope users who might be considering a game here.

We are big on the Shot Scope community, which continues to grow at a rapid rate, and this review feature allows our users to share their playing experience with others.

Lastly, a few other updates include the addition of manual clubs to MyStrategy. For example, this means you can add a club you have tried or tested on the range to see how it might compare to your existing clubs when planning out a round on MyStrategy.

Keep an eye out for any further app updates and make sure to keep up-to-date as we are continually refining our app to give our customers the best user experience.


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