What is the difference: £400+ laser ‘v’ £200 laser

What is the difference: £400+ laser ‘v’ £200 laser

20 September 2021

This article looks to highlight the differences between a laser costing over £400 and a laser coming in just under £200. At more than double the price, is there really that much difference?

Comparison between £475 and £200 laser

The table below outlines the key features both the Bushnell PRO XE and the Shot Scope PRO L1 offer:

FeaturesBushnell PRO XE
Shot Scope PRO L1
Slope Technology (On/Off)YesYes
Pin VibrationsYesYes
Dual Optics (Red/Black)YesYes
Clear Optics DisplayYesYes
Magnetic Cart MountYesNo
Accuracy1 yard0.1 yard
Range1300 yards875 yards
Yards or MetresYesYes
Conforms to Rules of GolfYesYes
Carry CaseYesYes
Battery IncludedCR2CR123
Comparison between Bushnell PRO XE and Shot Scope PRO L1 laser rangefinders

Straight away it is noticeable that there is not a huge difference between the two products. Both the PRO XE and PRO L1 have similar features which will now be discussed.

The PRO XE and PRO L1 both have the valuable slope technology feature. Slope gives the golfer a compensated distance to the flag based on the uphill/downhill of the shot. This feature is not tournament legal which is why both lasers have the option to turn slope ‘on/off’. The Bushnell also has what they call slope with ‘elements’ which takes into account the weather and air pressure when calculating the slope – perhaps a bit too technical for your everyday golfer, but ideal if you are a DeChambeau fan!

slope technology example
Example of how slope technology works

Similarly both lasers offer vibration feedback for hitting the pin or target alike and also both boast precision clear optical displays.

Unlike other products in the laser rangefinder market, both the PRO XE and PRO L1 have a RED display. In the Bushnell, a red ring flashes once you have hit the pin. Whereas in the Shot Scope, you have the option of using red or black optics for everything. This type of feature makes it easier to see the yardages in poor light or weather conditions. This is a very high quality feature to have in a laser, so you would expect to see it in the PRO XE at £475, but perhaps weren’t expecting it in the £200 PRO L1.

red or black optics in the PRO L1 laser
Red and Black Display on the PRO L1

Other noticeable features from the comparison table would include the range, 1300y versus 875y in the PRO L1. The 425y difference may seem a lot, however when was the last time you played a golf hole over 800 yards? Or hit a shot that far? Range is a nice to have, but as long as it covers the length of the hole or as far as you can hit the ball, that is all that should matter.

One thing that is surprising is that the PRO L1 has a higher definition of accuracy than the more expensive competitor. The PRO L1 is accurate to 0.1 yard, which is only a few inches. Again this is something that is a nice to have, considering most of us will struggle to hit the shot within 5 yards of where we want, let alone 0.1 yard…. but a feature nonetheless that you would perhaps expect in the more costly laser.

Again both lasers offer the user the option to use in yards or metres option, making them suitable for all locations around the world.

Conclusion – is there a difference between a £400 and £200 laser?

Based on the information provided in the comparison table and the investigation into the features of both the PRO XE and PRO L1, it is evident that is little difference between the 2 functionality wise.

If you are looking for a laser to get you distances to the pin and other obstacles on the golf course, then the PRO L1 does this perfectly at a fraction of the price compared to the PRO XE.

If you are looking for a laser with high end quality features, again the PRO L1 will meet your needs, with slope on/off, red or black display, target vibrations and the 0.1 yard accuracy. The only feature the PRO XE has that differs is the ‘slope with elements’, and if that is what you are looking for then it’ll cost you an additional £200 to have that feature.

Shot Scope PRO L1 laser
Bushnell PRO XE laser

About Shot Scope

The Shot Scope PRO L1 is a quick firing laser packed with features making it quick and easy to get your distance. Simple to use the PRO L1 rangefinder is the perfect combination of size, accuracy, and advanced technology.

Looking through the precision clear lens, simply press a button to switch between a Red or Black display. PRO L1 is designed so that you can see the course in all light and weather conditions. Adaptive Slope technology and target-lock vibration ensure you can swing in confidence with the PRO L1 laser on your bag.

Check out this review Shot Scope V3 or Shot Scope PRO L1.

Shot Scope PRO L1 in Grey or Blue is available to buy at www.shotscope.com


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