Four reasons you aren’t getting better at golf

Four reasons you aren’t getting better at golf

26 January 2024

Have you been playing golf for a long time and don’t seem to be making any improvements? Here are Four reasons why you might not be getting better at golf.

You don’t track your game

Performance tracking is one of the few proven methods of improving your game, on average Shot Scope users record a 4.1 stroke improvement over the course of 30 rounds. 

Tracking your game makes it possible to monitor, record, and analyse your game and the various aspects of it. The FREE to use Shot Scope mobile app allows golfers to gain insight into their club distances, tee shots, approach shots, short game, putting, and scoring.

Whilst you may be able to hazard a guess as to what your strengths and weaknesses are, if you don’t track then there is no way to know for sure. 

Shot Scope gives golfers access to over 100 performance statistics including Strokes Gained and Handicap Benchmarking. Not only does every shot receive a Strokes Gained value, you can also benchmark your performance against players of a similar level

By using Handicap Benchmarking, you can see the areas of your game that are costing you strokes in comparison to your fellow golfer. Likewise, what are better players doing that you are not – practice these areas!

You do track but don’t analyse the data

Do you track your game but don’t look at the data? Or if you do look at it, it is for a very brief fleeting moment? If that is you then what is the point tracking at all! 

We are not suggesting that you dissect your game meticulously but to get a good idea of how you are performing there are some key statistics that you should look at to get a snapshot of your performance.

If you are tight for time, consider looking at Scoring and then the Strokes Gained section, this will give you an overview of your game.

Here you will be able to see each aspect of your game and what part is costing or gaining you strokes. Then, armed with this information you can look at the specific area that requires the most attention.

If you are unsure on how to interpret your data, consult our eBook series. The latest edition, eBook Six How to Improve Your Game with Data can help you analyse your data.

This then feeds nicely into our next point.

Shot Scope eBook Series
Shot Scope eBook Series

You don’t practice your weaknesses

When you buy new clubs it should be to make your bad shots better rather than your good shots better, the same applies to your practice.

You should dedicate more time to your weakest areas rather than practicing the strongest aspects of your game. That is not to say that you should ignore the best parts of your game, but rather to try and elevate the standard of your weaknesses.

Perhaps you struggle with your approach play from 50-75 yards, insight available on the Shot Scope app, but seldom practice this shot. Then when you encounter a shot from this distance you are not only unprepared but could have doubt in the back of your mind.

Doubting your shot or club selection is a recipe for disaster, commit to your choice and go for it.

You don’t set goals for your golf game

Even if you do not track your game, which we strongly encourage every golfer to do, you should still be setting goals for the upcoming season. Things like a handicap target or consistent scoring etc. are ones that you can set without tracking. 

However, if you do track you can get a lot more specific and monitor progress on goals that you set. We recently published an article on New Year’s Resolutions which talks about the setting of SMART goals to take performance to the next level.

Set SMART goals to maximise your likelihood of meeting them and make progress towards your ultimate goal whatever that may be. The Professionals on Tour set goals so if it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for you!

What should you do now?

These could be four reasons you are not improving. They could also help you start your journey to lower scores – it is entirely up to you!

Check out some of our performance tracking products and revolutionise your golf game.


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