Christmas Golf Gift Guide 2023

Christmas Golf Gift Guide 2023

1 December 2023

What do you buy for the golfer who has it all? This gift guide may have the answer you are looking for!

Choosing the right gift is never easy especially when it comes to a golfer, because chances are they have all the essentials they need. 

However, most golfers are also on the perpetual quest for the ‘secret’ so they are always open to new gadgets, training aids, and grips if they have a better feel, particularly with a putter.

Gifts Under £50

Here we have a selection of gifts for £50 and under.

Powakaddy ThermaMitts

Powakaddy ThermaMitts

Winter golf means one thing – cold and wet. Powakaddy ThermaMitts are deluxe winter mitts that not only keep the wind and cold at bay but also heat the golfer’s hands too. 

Simply connect the battery pack to the mitts, attach them to the trolley handle, and enjoy! Cycle between different heat options to suit your personal preference and say farewell to cold hands this winter. 

Battery life depending on setting and usage can last up to approximately 8 hours.

Powakaddy Winter Trolley Wheels

PowaKaddy Winter Wheels

Following a similar theme, Powakaddy winter wheels are another great addition to an electric trolley. Why are winter wheels something to consider? 

Using summer wheels in the winter when the ground is slippy can place greater strain on the trolley. The lack of grip will lead to greater battery life consumption and require more effort from the trolley to travel at the same speed.

Whereas, Powakaddy winter wheels are designed to grip regardless of the conditions resulting in less battery life consumption and an easier user experience on course. 

The best part, they easily attach to the trolley with the push of a button allowing players to swap their wheels or take them off to put their trolley inside a travel cover. 

Please note: golfers with an ultra compact summer travel cover will need to take the wheels off.

Golf Pride Tour Classic

Golf Pride Tour Classic

A slightly more unorthodox gift idea but a very useful one, is the Tour Classic Golf Pride putter grip. For the golfer who has fallen out of love with their putter, a different grip can make all the difference!

The Tour Classic has a superb feel in the hand and features a large paddle front design. This promotes proper thumb placement and helps with face alignment.

A pistol contour helps lock in the upper hand for a more consistent motion in the putting stroke. 

Grips are a very personal aspect of the game so if the Tour Classic does not suit, more options can be found on the Golf Pride website.

Likewise, regripping clubs is another valuable gift option, the price can vary depending on grip and quantity. Golf Pride has a grip fitting tool here.

The Four Foundations of Golf by Jon Sherman

Four Foundations of Golf Book
Four Foundations of Golf Book

In this book, golfers will learn how to lower their scores and increase their enjoyment.

Author Jon Sherman shares with readers the philosophy that has helped thousands of golfers worldwide transform their game and attitude towards golf.

This is a must read for any golfer that finds themselves irritated with their performance and comes off the course in a worse mood than when they started!

Players often forget that the mental side of the game is as important as the physical! The Four Foundations of Golf can help build positive habits in your game and take your game to new levels.

Gifts Under £150

Shot Scope G5 GPS Watch 

Shot Scope G5 GPS Watch

The G5 golf GPS watch from Shot Scope is a great watch for various people. Do they like to wear their favorite team’s colours? With G5, they can! Do they need a watch with large numbers so they can easily read their watch? With G5, they can! 

With 12 interchangeable colour straps to choose from, the G5 GPS watch can be designed to suit their style.

The G5 also has customisable display options including a large digit display mode giving an easy to read distance to the middle of the green. 

G5 is designed to be a practical GPS watch that does exactly what you need it to do in a simple and easy to use manner.

Awarded Best Value golf watch by MyGolfSpy, G5 is a great gift option this Christmas. 

Shot Scope PRO L2 Laser Rangefinder

Shot Scope PRO L2 Laser Rangefinder

Perhaps a laser rangefinder would be better suited this Christmas and the PRO L2 is a great option. 

Whether they have an old laser and need a new one, or, are looking to try a rangefinder for the first time, PRO L2 does everything you need at an affordable price.

Featuring Adaptive slope technology, Rapid-fire detection, and Target-lock vibration as well as a carry case you can be confident when purchasing the PRO L2.

Awarded Best Budget Laser Rangefinder 2023 by MyGolfSpy, PRO L2 is hard to beat at this price.

Kavooa PRO

Kavooa PRO Training Aid

For the golfer who lives on the range, Kavooa Pro. Designed to help golfers improve technique, consistency, and overall performance on the range. 

With the adjustable settings of Kavooa Pro, golfers can practice a variety of things to take their game to the next level including putting, head movement, and swing path. 

Directly applies to over eight core golfing drills and exercises to help golfers refine their game and get ready for the new season.

Portable, adjustable, and functional. Kavooa Pro.

Gifts Under £200

Sqairz SPEED BOLD Shoe

Sqairz Speed Bold

This Christmas, Sqairz may be a gift to consider. Does the golfer in your life struggle to find a pair of shoes that are comfortable and support them on the course? Sqairz is designed with comfort and performance in mind.

Sqairz SPEED BOLD are fully waterproof with a single-piece upper design creating a sleek look and premium feel. 

SPEED BOLD comes with both white and coloured laces allowing the golfer to add a degree of personalisation to their footwear. 

A quality shoe with a variety of benefits in terms of performance and user experience.

Ecco Biom C4 Leather Gore-Tex Shoe 

Ecco Biom C4 Gore-Tex Shoe

Ecco have for a long time been at the forefront of footwear and their golf shoes are up there with the very best. Do not be deceived by the understated street style aesthetic of the Biom C4, it is in fact designed to perform at the highest of levels.

With 100% waterproofing, the GORE-TEX surround construction is combined with the exhaust grid which allows for ventilation and breathability for the sole of the foot. 

Featuring Ecco Fluidform Direct Comfort Technology for cushioning, rebound, and flexibility. Get even more use out of your Biom C4 with the removable insole for long-term cushioning and breathability, you can also remove it for extra width.

Superspeed Golf Training System

SuperSpeed Golf Training System

A new driver is unlikely to add 30 yards to their driving distance, but the SuperSpeed Golf Training System can! Golfers can gain clubhead speed, and in doing so, gain distance by increasing their speed and power by 5%-8% in as little as 4-6 weeks.

With the purchase of a set of their speed training system, golfers will also gain access to the complimentary SuperSpeed Golf online video instruction series. Guided programs to help players get the most out of their speed training.

The SuperSpeed Golf Training System can be accompanied with tracking devices to monitor progress but this comes at a cost and takes you into the £350-£420 price range.

Available in the following sets: seniors, ladies, juniors, coaches/family, and men’s

Gifts for FREE 

Shot Scope eBook Series

Shot Scope eBook

Last, but by no means least, we have the Shot Scope eBook series available for FREE to download.

The eBooks cover a variety of topics that can help golfers get the most out of their game. Likewise, if they use performance tracking products, how to better understand and interpret their data and utilise it to a greater extent. 

Help the golfer in your life save strokes for FREE with Shot Scope.


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