Top 5 Golf Gift Guide 2022

Top 5 Golf Gift Guide 2022

9 December 2022

Struggling to think of gift ideas for golfers who have everything? Christmas is just around the corner and you may find yourself unsure what to get for the golfer in your family. Buying a gift for a golfer can be difficult so this article outlines 5 golf gifts that will make it easier for you.

Golf is an addictive sport, and anyone who plays the game wants to get better – the golf gifts listed in this article all help golfers improve in their own way.

1 – SuperSpeed

As the game of golf evolves, data has shown that hitting the golf ball further is hugely advantageous. Super Speed, have a tried and tested method that helps golfers increase their speed and maximise the distance they can hit the ball.

The ‘speed sticks’ coupled with their complimentary online video instruction series can increase the speed and power of a golfer’s swing by 5% to 8% in as little as 4-6 weeks of regular practice.

Find out more or buy here

2 – Shot Scope H4 or Shot Scope V3

All golfers should have a GPS of some form in their golf set up – whether it is a handheld GPS device like the Shot Scope H4, or a golf GPS watch – there are many options out there that take the guess work out of the game.

The Shot Scope V3 GPS watch can also track and record every shot a golfer hits on the course. They can then relive their round on the free mobile app, and if they want to – see what areas of the game they need to improve.

3 – The Four Foundations of Golf Book

For the majority of golfers, it can be difficult to play much golf over the winter time primarily due to poor weather. So most need another way of obtaining their ‘golf fix’ – such as reading a golf book.

The Four Foundations of Golf by Jon Sherman is a highly recommended book as it provides tangible and actionable advice to help a golfer improve their golf game.

Buy here

4 – GolPhin for Kids

Something for the little ones. Learning to play golf is hard enough, let alone trying to learn using equipment that is too big for you. That’s where GolPhin come in.

GolPhin’s award-winning GFK clubs are lighter than other kids golf clubs, and have a larger sweet spot for more great shots. Built with aerospace alloy, GFK junior clubs are easier to swing, helping kids keep balanced and to instinctively improve their golf swing.

Shop GolPhin here

Note – you can save 15% on orders up until Christmas using the code: XMAS15

5 – Rapsodo MLM

For golfers who are seriously looking to improve the Rapsodo MLM is the perfect practice partner. It offers instant feedback on shots hit at the practice range – and provides all the key metrics you would expect when analysing a golf shot.

Rapsodo’s Mobile Launch Monitor is as accurate (within 2%) as Trackman at only 2% of the cost.  

Find out more or buy here

So there you have it. Five great golf gifts for the golfer in your family. Not only will these gifts be highly appreciated by the golfer but they are gifts that should help them see some improvement in their game too!


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