The 5 best golf gifts this Christmas

The 5 best golf gifts this Christmas

4 December 2019

This article looks at the 5 best golf gift this Christmas time. A range of products that we believe all golfers would be grateful for come Christmas day.

Golf Gift #1 Bunker Mentality

This Christmas, Bunker Mentality are offering 5 Gift Packs on top of their standard offering. These Christmas specific gift sets are ideal for the golfer in the family. They range in price to ensure there is an option for everyone.

Golf Gift #2 PuttOUT

PuttOUT offer a range of products which are designed to help the golfer improve their putting – arguably the most important part of the game. they currently have 3 products on offer:

  • PuttOUT Pressure Putt Trainer – £20
  • PuttOUT Putting Mat – £70
  • PuttOUT Putting Mirror and Gates – £50

All of these products are available in a range of colours and can be purchased individually or in a variety of gift bundles.

Golf Gift #3 Vice / Snell Golf Balls

Golf balls are usually an expensive gift for a golfer – Vice and Snell however, offer premium quality golf balls at affordable prices. Cutting out the middle man, cuts out the middle man’s margins, allowing them to sell golf balls directly to golfers at a very reasonable price!

Golf Gift #4 Shot Scope V2

The Shot Scope V2 is a golf GPS Watch that automatically tracks every shot and produces over 100 statistics for post-round analysis. Festive Offer: £139.

Additionally, download their FREE e-books for a look at what they can uncover about your game. The first step to improving it understanding your game!

Golf Gift #5 Golphin

Thinking of getting your kids or grandkids into golf next year? A set of Golphin clubs, might be the best Christmas present they could get. Currently 15% off online orders until 8th December.

Golphin make age and height specific golf clubs for children. As children grow, it makes playing golf difficult, if using clubs that are not the appropriate size.


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