Top 10 Ridiculous Recovery Shots

Top 10 Ridiculous Recovery Shots

6 August 2023

Whilst we can all appreciate incredibly good shots, there is something equally as exciting as incredibly bad shots. 

Why? Firstly, it makes the professionals seem more relatable, if they can do it, I can do it. Secondly, it gives them the chance to play some remarkable recovery shots all in a bid to keep penalties off the card.

After a while it can get a bit, dare I say it, boring watching the Professionals find fairway after fairway and green after green. So, when one of the best players in the world hits a shot not too dissimilar to what you might see on a Sunday afternoon at your local golf club, as a fan, we cannot help but get excited. 

The main difference between the professionals and the players at your local – they can still make par, or birdie, or better.

Here are our top 10 ridiculous recovery shots from the games elite players in no particular order.

  1. Sergio Garcia, Bay Hill 2013

Forever iconic, to those who say golf is not a physical sport, we say, speak to Sergio. A true display of athleticism – scaling the tree, playing the shot, and the smooth dismount to continue on with the round. 

  1. Miguel Angel Jimenez, The Open 2010

I don’t think many of us would even attempt to try this shot, I suppose if you get new clubs as often as the Pros you are willing to try anything!

The Mechanic Miguel is known for his flamboyant warmup routine and so we should expect the unexpected when we see him. One of a kind and one heck of a shot!

  1. Bill Haas, Tour Championship 2011

With $10 million dollars on the line, Bill had no option in the playoff other than to risk it all in a bid to win, the definition of risk and reward!

Haas made the correct decision when he took the risk as it led to the biggest win of his career!

  1. Phil Mickelson, The Masters 2010

Not only an incredible shot, this one ranks highly due to the context. Now some may argue that the context should not carry too much weight when looking at recovery shots. However, on the back 9 at Augusta with a green jacket on the line, to pull off a shot like this is unimaginable. 

  1. Tiger Woods, The Masters 2005

Arguably the moment the golfing world held its breath, watching Tiger Woods get up and down on 16 to go on to win his 4th green jacket. 

Truly one of the most iconic shots in golf, we cannot talk about recovery shots without mentioning the Big Cat – he could have a list to himself!

  1. Bubba Watson, The Masters 2012

Watson is known for his extravagant style with his equipment and his approach to the game with huge slices and massive hooks. In the 2012 playoff against Oosthuizen, Bubba pulled off a shot that very few in the world would even attempt.

The biggest risk reaps the biggest reward.

  1. Rory McIlroy, WM Phoenix Open 2023

There is more than one way to make a par! Navigating shrubs and bushes with no clear line to the green McIlroy still hits the green in regulation and two-putts for his par. Was there ever any doubt? What would you score from here?

  1. Jordan Spieth, The Ryder Cup 2020

Whilst not immediately obvious the risk in the shot, as you will see, Jordan risks going for a swim to hit a monster flop shot. I am not entirely sure how he hit the shot with the lie and stance, it could have gone backwards!

  1. Phil Mickelson, The Barclays 2014 x2

Mickelson shows us that practice makes perfect! In Round 2, Phil found the hospitality pavilion and decided the obvious option was to play it as it lies.

Having been there the day before, Lefty was able to find the green the second time round and nearly made birdie!

  1. Tony Romo, AT&T 2019

Taking a page out of Phil’s book, Romo finds himself in the hospitality pavilion and throws an absolute dart into the green leaving a kick-in birdie!

The next time you find yourself out of position, perhaps these will inspire you – but then again maybe we should leave the hero shots to the Pros!

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