Shot Scope launch CONNEX – mobile enabled performance tracking

Shot Scope launch CONNEX – mobile enabled performance tracking

26 July 2023

As industry-leaders in advanced GPS, rangefinders, and shot tracking technology, we are continually innovating our product portfolio – today we add CONNEX! The most affordable method of premium performance tracking on the market.

CONNEX is a set of plug and play mobile enabled performance tracking tags designed for those looking to track their game via the subscription free mobile app – no other device is required. 

Golfers simply screw the CONNEX tracking tags into the grips of their clubs and armed with their smartphone, can track their game. Before playing each shot, tap the tag against your device to record it whilst you play. 

On the first tee, simply open the mobile app, select your course, and you’re all set – with CONNEX you can use your device as a personal course guide, with a full bird’s eye view aerial map of every hole.

“One thing we strive for at Shot Scope is to provide a product for every golfer. With CONNEX, we are enabling those who don’t like the distraction of a watch to track their game and have access to over 100 industry leading statistics. By simply having their phone in their pocket and adding CONNEX game tracking tags to their clubs, we are providing golfers with another method to track their on-course data using our technology,” comments David Hunter, Chief Executive Officer at Shot Scope.

“The tags come with the free mobile app and web dashboard statistics platform, so golfers are getting access to incredibly premium technology, for a very affordable price.”

Using the free mobile app, Shot Scope CONNEX users will be able to tap anywhere on the hole to get instant GPS distances, with post shot analysis available directly on the full course aerial maps. Similarly, you can analyse the green layout and adjust the pin location to dial in your club selection for the shot ahead.

Furthermore, the purchase of CONNEX comes with a host of other benefits including the unrestricted connectivity with Shot Scope Academy – a game improvement tool designed specifically for both players and coaches to utilise.

Shot Scope Academy bridges the gap between player and coach like never before. Coaches can access player performance data and tailor their coaching plan to target these areas.

Players can gain access to over 100 performance statistics, including strokes gained. This data is captured during your round, and seamlessly uploaded to the Shot Scope app; where players can instantly connect with their coach to share thoughts about their performance. 

CONNEX includes 16 performance tracking tags and can be purchased at as well as major golf stores and online retailers for just £99.99 / $99.99USD 

The future of golf is powered by Shot Scope.


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