Play Smarter with Wayne ‘Radar’ Riley – Approach Shots

Play Smarter with Wayne ‘Radar’ Riley – Approach Shots

24 May 2024

In this edition of Play Smarter with Wayne ‘Radar’ Riley, we look at approach shots and how you can hit more greens.

For the average amateur golfer, the 15 handicapper, 54% of their approach shots come up short of the green – that is any shot attempting to hit the green from beyond 50y.

If we expand this to all of our handicap benchmarks, we can see that they are not alone in this.

Miss short % – All Approach Shots

Miss short %25%39%42%54%59%69%

Even the scratch golfer will miss 1 in 4 of their approach shots short, it is very easily done! 

One thing to consider about the course you play the majority of your golf at, where is most of the trouble? We would be willing to bet that for the most part, it is at the front or slightly to the side. How much is at the back of the green?

Obviously, there will be exceptions to this, but a lot of the time if you were to be long of the green, you would probably just have a chip onto the green. 

Whereas, when you miss short, you will often find bunkers which can be tricky to get out of, or have to play over the bunker and may well find your way in it!

Regardless, we want to help you find the green, and stay out of the hazards, more often and we have two solutions.

Shot Scope performance tracking products 

Our shot tracking technology provides golfers with one of the most accurate club distance measurements on the market, Performance-Average distances.

By removing extreme outliers from your data, both good and bad, our shot tracking products can give golfers a club distance they can typically expect to hit a shot. 

This makes picking the right club easy and can help you find the dancefloor more often.

What if knowing club distances isn’t the biggest issue? What if it is consistency?

If consistency is your biggest issue when playing into the green simply head over to Shot Scope Academy. On the FREE to use mobile app and web dashboard, Academy can connect you with a coach in the local area, not only that, it will provide them with your performance data.

No more wasting time at lessons, your coach will already know what to work on with you based on your data – target the areas of your game that will make the biggest difference on the course.

So what can you do to hit more greens? Take more club and/or play to the back of the green yardage on your GPS watch. It may sound simple but sometimes the answer is just that – simple.

If you want to hit the green more often then check out one of the various performance tracking products Shot Scope offers.

Shot Scope users on average save 4.1 strokes after 30 recorded rounds! If this is something you would be interested in, who wouldn’t be, then start tracking now.


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