How to Break 90 in Golf

If you are trying to break 90 in golf for the first time, or looking to break 90 more frequently on the golf course, the tips and suggestions that follow are all based on data that will help you achieve this.

Shot Scope have identified the key statistics you should be aiming for when you are trying to break 90. The video from Mark Crossfield shows how you can apply these to your own game.

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Data provided by Shot Scope

“Breaking 90 requires the golfer to play ‘bogey golf’ and bring some consistency to their game."

How to Break 90 in 5 steps:

  • 1. Hit it longer off the tee – over 220 yards average
  • 2. No worse than bogeys on Par 5s
  • 3. 3 putt a maximum of once per round
  • 4. Get your greens in regulation up to over 20%
  • 5. Manage expectations and mind-set
How to break 90 in 5 steps

Increase average driver distance to over 220 yards

This is not essential, but if you can achieve this it will enable other areas of your game to improve simultaneously. If you can increase your driving distance, you will have shorter shots to the green, but will also have shorter clubs in your hand.

Doing this will give you a better chance at hitting more greens in regulation, and also increase your chances of reaching Par 5s in 3 shots at worst.

Increase average driver distance to over 220 yards

Improve your Par 5 scoring

Par 5s provide a real opportunity for golfers who are looking at how to break 90 in golf. The typical golfer who scores in the mid 90s has an average score of 6.18 on Par 5s!

Reaching the green in 3 or 4 shots is vital in order to achieve this, so what do you need to improve? Avoid fairway bunkers at all costs with tee shots or second shots and play to the widest part of the hole. Hitting the ball further isn’t essential but will make this easier.

Improve Par 5 scoring

3 putt just one less time per round

One of the differences between some shooting in the mid 90s and breaking 90 is how often they three putt. To break 90 you need to have no more than 1 three putt per round.

There are various ways to improve this, but the 2 keys areas outlined by Mark Crossfield in the video are to practice your pace putting/distance control and practice holing out those short putts (inside 6ft).

3putt just one less time per round

Hit more greens = scores come down

Approach play is the biggest factor when it comes to being a better golfer. This area of the game is where the biggest difference lies between handicap abilities.

Approach play can be improved a number of ways; hitting more club, playing for the middle of widest part of the green, but also from gaining distance. The closer you are to the green, the closer you will hit it.

Hit more greens scores come down

Track, learn and improve on the course

Tracking statistics about your game allows you to have realistic expectations for shots on the course – this in turn can help you control your emotions.

For example, visualise your average proximity on the green, and aim to get you chip shot, or approach shot inside that pretty big circle, instead of being disappointed when you don’t pull of the miracle shot – be happy when you have beat your ‘average’.

Track learn and improve on the course
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