Key Features

Easy to readTouchscreen display

Shot Scope X5 GPS Watch - Stylish and durable on and off the course
Shot Scope X5 GPS Watch - Stylish and durable on and off the course

Stylish and durable on/off the course

Built to perform and give the golfer superior technology with every swing, including a 1.2” full-color touchscreen display surrounded by a polished ceramic bezel.

Designed for enhanced performance and style on the golf course. The easily interchangeable and comfortable colored silicone strap fits elegantly on the wrist.

Shot Scope X5 GPS Watch - Stylish and durable on and off the course
Shot Scope X5 GPS Watch - Stylish and durable on and off the course
Shot Scope X5 GPS Watch - Stylish and durable on and off the course
Shot Scope X5 GPS Watch - Stylish and durable on and off the course
Shot Scope X5 GPS Watch - Stylish and durable on and off the course
Shot Scope X5 GPS Watch - Stylish and durable on and off the course
Shot Scope X5 GPS Watch - Stylish and durable on and off the course

Distances on your wrist Hazards, doglegs + layups

Have full control on the course with every distance you need on your wrist. Our technology includes dynamic yardages to the front, middle and back of the green. Front and carry distances to water hazards and bunkers, plus any doglegs and layup points on a hole.

Green view and pin placement

Green view displays the shape and layout of each green and allows you to move the pin to its location for the day.

Preloaded with 36,000 courses worldwide, all courses are free to play and there are no additional fees. All courses can be quickly updated by our in-house mapping team upon request. 

Keep your score as you play

The X5 will automatically total your score as you play a round. Your score versus par will be clearly displayed on the F/M/B screen allowing you to quickly check your score anytime. 

After you complete a hole the watch will confirm your gross score for each hole. The scorecard feature can be turned off in the settings menu if you prefer not to keep a score as you play.

Quick and responsive touchscreen display

The 1.2” full-color responsive touch display is designed with a durable glass screen allowing for a smooth experience in all weather conditions. Read the time and data clearly in both bright daylight or lower light conditions.

Stay active with daily step tracking

Keep track of how many steps you have taken on the course during your round. You can also use this off the course and each day you’ll be given a total number of steps.

New 2nd generation tracking tags

The unobtrusive tags are small and lightweight at 1.2 grams meaning they will not affect your golf swing or add any additional weight to your golf clubs.

You will never need to replace your tags as they have no battery and are powered by RFID technology.

Perform on the course everytime

The X5 has been manufactured using premium materials to give you the best on course experience possible

1.2” full-color touchscreen display

Ceramic bezel

New and improved tracking tags

Multi-function crown

Touch + button navigation

Secure buckle loops

5 interchangeable color straps

New and improved buckle clasp design

Built to perform everytime you hit the course

Pairing premium design with revolutionary features, the all-new X5 is manufactured using luxurious materials for the best on course experience available.

Stylish on/off the course with customisable watch faces

Customisable watch faces

Shot Scope X5 GPS golf watch with shot tracking

The X5 watch is part of our award-winning GPS performance tracking range. The watch is designed to not only be a multi-functioning golf GPS device, but also a watch that can be worn as a lifestyle piece off the course.

Featuring a vibrant full color touchscreen display surrounded by a stylish ceramic bezel, X5 is more than just a golf watch. You can effortlessly cycle through the different modes and digital faces using the touchscreen or the multi-function crown navigation.

Personalized hole maps on X5 gives golfers a detailed view of the hole they are playing to allow them to make the best decisions on the course. Off the tee, utilize your performance data to help with club selection and take the guesswork out of your game.

The X5 provides all the information you need to play your best round of golf and includes 36,000 preloaded courses accurately mapped in detail. Never choose the wrong club again thanks to reliable F/M/B distances to all greens, hazards and doglegs. Green view displays the shape of the green from any location on the course, with the ability to drag and drop the pin to the correct location for the day.

The X5 comes with 16 x 2nd generation tracking tags that will automatically record every shot you hit on the course to provide you with a breakdown of your stats post-round.

Why buy Ex-Display?

  • As good as new

    Every Shot Scope Ex-Display product is quality checked by our technical support team, undergoing extensive testing before being packaged.

  • 1-year warranty

    Backing our quality commitment, we offer a 1 year warranty on all of our Ex-Display products.

  • Lower prices

    Enjoy the same brilliant products on the course for a reduced price. Every item includes free delivery, and access to the Shot Scope free and non-subscription app.

  • High standards

    We pride ourselves on providing the best quality products to golfers worldwide, you can be assured that our Ex-Display products will offer you complete functionality with zero compromise.

  • Complete package

    Your device will come complete with a charger, up to date software and any relevant documentation.

  • Go green

    Purchasing an Ex-Display product allows us to reuse some of our stock that has been used for display purposes at retail stores and exhibitions across the world, whilst offering you a product at a brilliant price.


What does ex-display mean?

An ex-display model is a watch that has been used for display purposes in-store or at an event to showcase the features. Please note: Your ex-display watch may come in unbranded packaging.

Are all the features the same?

Yes, it’s exactly the same watch albeit that the model you receive may have some very slight aesthetic differences, such as a slight scratch on the bezel. All ex-display models are quality checked by our technical team to ensure they are in working order.

Does an ex-display model include the tracking tags?

Yes, just like a full price X5, you’ll receive x16 performance tracking tags

Question? Contact our support team:

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