How to Break 100 in Golf

Breaking 100 is a massive milestone for every golfer, particularly those who are new to the game. This page discusses how to break 100 in golf based on 4 key factors, and you only need to achieve 2 of 4 in order to break 100.

Mark Crossfield and Coach Lockey discuss the methods you can apply to help you improve 2 of the 4 metrics.

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How to break 80

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“Breaking 100 for the first time is a huge achievement in golf.”

How to Break 100 in 4 steps:

  • 1. Hit it longer and average over 200 yards off the tee
  • 2. Get short game average proximity to under 20ft
  • 3. 3 putt a maximum of once per round
  • 4. Get your greens in regulation up to over 10%
How to Break 100 in 5 steps

The easiest way to improve is short game

There is no reason why you can’t be as good as anyone else at this – power and distance play no role in this area of the game. So get practicing with purpose!

Listen carefully to what Mark says when he talks about the shots - a little bit of thought and strategy on these shots will make it easier. If you can improve your short game, your scoring will improve massively.

The easiest way to improve is short game

Improve your pace putting to stop 3 putting

If you can reduce the number of times you three putt, you are going to be closer to breaking 100. Pace control is the reason for 99% of three putts.

Mark highlights some excellent drills to help you practice and improve your pace putting. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a perfect putting stroke.

Improve your pace putting to stop 3 putting

Club up and hit more greens

Approach play is the area of the game that is the weakest among golfers who struggle to break 100. If you can increase the number of greens you hit, your scores will drop.

Picking a specific target, as well as ensuring you have enough club are the key themes Mark discusses in the video.

Club up and hit more greens
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