MyStrategy: The Ultimate Course Strategy Guide

MyStrategy: The Ultimate Course Strategy Guide

8 November 2023

This week we have unveiled the latest addition to the Shot Scope mobile app and web dashboard, MyStrategy. 

Players can create their own unique strategy for any course around the world allowing them to play their best regardless of the venue. If you want to maximise your home course advantage or give yourself the greatest opportunities to play well at different courses, MyStrategy has the answers.

Golfers should not confuse aerial hole maps with MyStrategy, whilst the two provide the same aerial view of each hole, the strategy builder allows for data driven preparation. 

Ahead of playing, select your chosen course and tee box to begin. 

On the left-hand side of the screen, players will be able to see specific hole stats based on how other Shot Scope users perform on the hole. 

These stats can be filtered by handicap to give a more relatable representation of how players at a similar level tackle the hole.

To start creating your very own strategy, select your club.

Detailed statistics on your chosen club will appear on the left of the screen including shots to finish and a distance breakdown. 

Please Note: Shots to Finish are from your second shot, this does not include the tee shot.

Once a club has been chosen, players will see a dispersion cone based on player averages. The option to tailor the dispersion cone to your tendency is available, provided you have recorded enough shots.

Simply toggle on the dispersion tendency feature to receive a cone that allows for your natural miss and adjust your aim point accordingly.

Similarly, players will also be able to turn on the shots plotted feature to further visualise their dispersion.

By turning on the dispersion tendency, players can select a club that will minimise their chances of finding trouble off the tee, and maximise their scoring opportunities.

MyStrategy Desktop
Elevation, Dispersion Tendency, Distances, and Shots Plotted

Distances from tee to green.

Players will see two distances, the distance from the tee box to the target icon and from the icon to the green. This will be based on the Performance-Average of the club you have selected based on your last 30 shots. 

In addition to that, MyStrategy also accounts for the impact of wind and elevation changes, enabling golfers to get more precise yardages to work with, allowing them to choose the best option off the tee box and plan for their second shot. Preparation is a key factor in performing well and MyStrategy offers players the chance to prepare like never before.

Take on the elements – wind and elevation eliminated.

Players can toggle on / off wind, tailwind or headwind only, and elevation changes – this displays as a ‘plays like’ distance giving golfers a more accurate yardage to work with.

This takes out the guesswork, allowing players to allow for varying strengths of wind and examine how it will impact their distances. With wind turned on this will change the size and width of your dispersion cone allowing you to refine your aimpoint.

If you have a big tournament at the weekend, consult your preferred weather provider and use their wind estimates to plan ahead.

MyStrategy has a compass that allows players to easily select the wind direction and adjust its strength. 

Please Note: wind distances are based on a typical ball flight and mathematical algorithm that calculates the impact of wind. 

We all have a rough idea that on certain holes we need to take an extra club or less club due to elevation changes, but wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly how much more, or less, distance the shot played?

MyStrategy Desktop
Elevation, Dispersion Tendency, Distances, Wind and Shots Plotted

Not a performance tracker? It doesn’t matter! Soon players will be able to add their own clubs

You will be able to make use of MyStrategy by simply adding in clubs. Players will simply add clubs (although the dispersion tendency will not have the same effectiveness) and plan their perfect strategy.

To do so, use the drop-down on the left of the screen where the club information is located and add a club as well as the total distance you hit it.

MyStrategy will be more useful for performance trackers due to the availability of club data to tailor the strategy to your data. However, as with all our products and services, we want every golfer to be able to access them and get the most out of the game we all love.

Why is Shot Scope’s MyStrategy a game changer for those looking to improve?

Whether it is your home course or an away day, you can work out the exact club you should hit off every tee box without ever setting foot on the course. 

With over 36,000 courses mapped worldwide, create your strategy and give yourself the best chance to play well. 

To get the most out of MyStrategy, we would advise building your strategy on the web dashboard before heading out to play. 

Once on the course, you will be able to access MyStrategy on your mobile device where your notes will be saved. Players can save up to three notes per hole.

MyStrategy mobile app
MyStrategy Mobile

The best part? 

As with all Shot Scope products, there are no subscription fees to access MyStrategy!

Maximise your potential and take your game to the next level with Shot Scope.

Check out this video for a tutorial on MyStrategy.

MyStrategy Tutorial

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