The V Series is Back – What you need to know – V5 GPS Watch

The V Series is Back – What you need to know – V5 GPS Watch

3 April 2024

Our most popular line of GPS watches, the V Series, has had a long awaited update and is back better than ever!

The V3 is and has been a great watch for us and, for you, the golfer with its simplistic design and superb functionality. 

However, as we continue on our journey to bring golfers the best playing experience on the course, naturally the V series had to evolve and we bring you, the new Shot Scope V5 GPS Watch.

So what is the difference?

Immediately you will see a lot more ticks in that right hand column. A huge addition is Full hole maps which allows the golfer to see the layout of the hole they are about to play.

Full hole maps

Make better informed decision on the tee by seeing a full hole layout that shows hazards and the hole shape – ideal if playing a blind hole – as well as a moveable distance line and a distance to the pin which can be set using green view and pin placement.

Green view and pin placement 

Allows the golfer to see the green shape from an overhead view and adjust the pin location based on where it is for their round.

Once set, the main front, middle, and back screen will display the middle number as your updated pin location and also on the Full hole maps screen. 

No more dogleg disasters

The addition of doglegs is another great feature of the V5 which is not available on the V3. Pick the correct club with confidence when playing to a dogleg, coming up short or too long can be costly.

Save strokes with V5 and plot your way around the course easily, having to pitch around a corner because you came up short is a cheap shot to giveaway – not anymore!

Add a touch of personalisation to your golf watch!

V5 also allows players to personalise their watch face with five different colour themes to choose from: green, pink, blue, orange, and red. In addition to this, for off the course, golfers can choose from a selection of clock face designs as well as track their daily steps, making V5 a great everyday watch.


Never lose your scorecard again with the built-in digital scorecard, simply complete the PinCollect process and input your score – if tracking your round, V5 will suggest your score before asking you to confirm it once holed out.

Second generation tags

V3 had our first generation tags which we have since refined for improved shot detection – track shots seamlessly with automatic shot detection on the V5.

The second generation tags are also designed to sit better on your grip. They have a concave underside which means that they sit flush on all grips, particularly some rounded grips.

But wait, there is more!

In addition to all of the great features listed above the V5 is simply more sleek and stylish than the V3, you can tell just by looking at it! The new round screen has a better resolution and is enclosed in a sporty black matte bezel.

Equipped with a new premium dust resistant strap, metal buckle, and secure strap loops, you can be confident that your V5 will stay in place while you play.

Of course the V5 maintains some of the renowned features of the V3 such as automatic shot tracking, and dynamic GPS distances with the simplicity and ease of our popular 4 button navigation.

With the purchase of a V5 GPS watch, you will gain access to the free Shot Scope app and dashboard with MyStrategy, Course Analysis, Shots Plotted, Strokes Gained, and Handicap Benchmarking! 

The V Series is back and better than ever!

Shop the new V5 here.


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