Shot Scope V3 in the press

Shot Scope V3 in the press

18 August 2020

Sold in over 100+ countries worldwide the brand new Shot Scope V3 has been an in demand GPS watch for the 2020 golf season. Voted Best Value and Best GPS + Shot Tracking Device in the MyGolfSpy 2020 GPS Buyer’s Guide after selling out in only a few weeks after launch. 

Shot Scope V3 Golf GPS watch
The Brand New Shot Scope V3

Shot Scope V3 has been heavily featured in major golf publications around the globe, listed below are some of the highlights:

Golfalot – Shot Scope V3 Review

“First off, I must say that I think the watch looks great. From a distance, people would probably think you’re wearing an Apple Watch and I did not find it distracting at all during the round. It’s lightweight, comfortable and feels great quality from the clear screen to the strap, which features a handy clip to hold it in place.” Click here for the full review.

Golf Digest US – Shot Scope V3 GPS watch adds precision in a slimmer package

“The Shot Scope V3 GPS watch accomplishes all the things you want in a technology sequel. The enhancements include better shot tracking capability, improved accuracy and a streamlined, yet more vivid display. In short, it does more with less.” Click here to read the full review.

Golf Wire – Shot Scope V3 Debuts

“The V3 is the game’s most accurate lightweight, high speed golf watch, backed by proprietary dual GPS antennas” Read More

MyGolfSpy – Shot Scope V3 Review

“The Shotscope V3 GPS watch is a mega-leap forward in terms of technology and especially appearance. V3 is most worth a look. It just might change the way you think about shot tracking, data collecting.” Read the full review here.

Golf Monthly – Shot Scope V3 GPS Watch Revealed

“It’s a whopping 60 per cent smaller than the previous version and is just 10mm thick, while also sporting a new daylight-readable colour screen.” Click here to read more.

Bunkered – A GPS watch that helps you shoot lower scores.

“If you’re looking for a simple and effective way of learning more about the strengths and weaknesses of your golf game then you need Shot Scope’s new V3 watch, and its fairly rock solid guarantee of lowering your handicap, in your life.” Click here to read the full review.


The new Shot Scope V3 is available to buy at most major retailers in the UK (American Golf), USA (Dicks Sporting goods) and Australia (GolfBox) at a retail price of £209 / $219 USD


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