5 Methods of Performance Tracking

5 Methods of Performance Tracking

26 July 2023

If you are not aware of the movement in golf towards performance tracking then allow this to be your introduction.

In a game of fine margins, finding the competitive edge can be attributed to a collection of smaller things. Lower scoring is not achieved through one grand change, but rather is found in the finer details. Finding these finer details is made possible through tracking your on course data.

There are various methods to consider when purchasing your data collection device. This article will explore some of the popular forms, as well as their unique advantages and disadvantages.

  1. CONNEX – Plug and Play Performance Tracking
CONNEX Performance Tracking

Shot Scope’s most affordable method of performance tracking at only $99.99, easy to use and cost effective with no subscription fees. CONNEX is the simplest performance tracking method to date; requiring only lightweight club tags and a cell phone – no other device is required. 

  1. GPS Watch
X5 GPS Watch

If you prefer a wearable shot tracking device, then the X5 premium GPS watch has everything you need at a fraction of the price compared to other suppliers. Full-color touchscreen, automatic shot tracking as well as dynamic yardages to the front, middle, and back of every green plus much more.

Available in 4 colors for only $299.99. 

If you are an existing Shot Scope user who has loved their V3, the V5 is a great upgrade option for you!

All of the practicality of the V3, with the stylish more modern look of an X5, minus the touchscreen and Personalised hole maps.

V5 does, however, come equipped with Full hole maps, but they will not give you Performance-Average distances that the Personalised hole maps on X5 will.

V5 is available in black only for $249.99

  1. Handheld
H4 Handheld

If you prefer not to wear your shot tracking device, then perhaps the H4 Handheld is for you. Attach it to your belt, or to your bag, and simply tap the Performance Tracking Tag against the device to register your shot.

The H4 Handheld also gives dynamic yardages to hazards and layup points to aid with club selection so you can confidently navigate your way around the course. Compact, practical, and great value at $149.99.

  1. Laser Rangefinder
PRO LX+ Laser Rangefinder

A truly unique method of performance tracking that has everything a golfer could need, the PRO LX+ laser rangefinder. Combining the precision of a laser with the convenience of a GPS, the PRO LX+ is the ultimate tool for a golfer looking to refine their craft.

Adaptive Slope Technology, Rapid-Fire detection and Target-Lock vibration ensures you have hit your target every time. Can’t see the flag? The GPS gives dynamic yardages to the front, middle, and back so you can select your club confidently.

All of this technology combined with performance tracking makes the PRO LX+ the ultimate golfing gadget.

Available in 3 colors for only $349.99.

  1. Manually Tracking – Pen and Paper
Manually Tracking

Perhaps you already track using a more ‘traditional method’ – pen and paper. Like all things in life sometimes you prefer to have a written account of things rather than using technology which is fine.

However, it does make analyzing the numbers and comparing data a lot more time consuming, which can be easily avoided with the free Shot Scope mobile app and statistics dashboard. Whilst it is possible to refine your own method of data tracking, you miss out on valuable information like Strokes Gained and Handicap Benchmarking.

If you still wish to use Pen and Paper to track your stats, but would benefit from a GPS, then the new G5 GPS watch could be the answer.

No two people are the same and neither is their golf swing, so why should their watch be? Lightweight and ready to play straight out of the box. Interchangeable straps allow you to customize your watch and build your own with various color combinations to choose from.

Dynamic yardages to the front, middle, and back of each green are clearly displayed with various clockfaces to choose from. The G5 combines form and function for $149.99.

Shot Scope Mobile App and Web Dashboard

Shot Scope FREE mobile app and web dashboard

All Shot Scope GPS devices provide dynamic F/M/B yardages as well as hazards and layup points. The X5 also provides distances to doglegs to allow for accurate clubbing to prevent being blocked out.

All of the performance tracking products gain unlimited access to the FREE Shot Scope mobile app and web dashboard containing over 100 statistics. Unlike other data providers, there is no additional fee for ‘premium’ statistics like Strokes Gained or Handicap Benchmarking.

Simply screw in the Performance Tracking Tags and download the free mobile app before you play to begin collecting data.

The future of golf is powered by Shot Scope.

Performance Tracking Methods Comparison

FeaturesShot Scope CONNEXShot Scope X5 GPS WatchShot Scope PRO LX+ Arccos Smart Sensors 3rd GenGarmin CT10 Approach
RRP as of 05/06/2023$99.99$299.99$349.99$199.99$299.99
*Tags only, you must purchase a Garmin watch separately
Annual Subscription FeeNo subscriptionNo subscriptionNo subscription$155.88No
Strokes Gained$
Performance Tracking Statistics$
Warranty2 Years2 Years2 Years1 Year1 Year
Shot Tracking$
Full Course Aerial Maps$
No. of Tags1616161414
Performance Tracking Methods Comparison

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