Distribution of Driving Distances 2022

Distribution of Driving Distances 2022

19 October 2022

Driving distances, where do you rank? Do you hit it further than an average amateur golfer? These days there is so much emphasis on distance off the tee, more so in the professional game, but is it really all its made out to be? Standard amateur golfers have little information or statistics available to see how far a typical amateur golfer hits the ball. Shot Scope have a database of over 200 million shots around the world and have produced statistics on the average driving distances, for amateur golfers. You might be surprised at this…

Pie Chart: Driving Distances

distribution of driving distances
Distribution of Driving Distances from the Shot Scope database.

The pie chart clearly outlines that the majority of golfers are in the 200 -224 yards section, with the second biggest segment being 225 -249 yards. Nearly 70% of amateur golfers, have an average driving distance of less than 250 yards. This may come as a surprise.

Shot Scope use what is called a ‘Performance Average’ this removes all outliers (good and bad) when calculating shot distances. It provides the golfer with an average distance, if they were to hit the shot well. The driving distances used in this article are all based off this ‘Performance Average’ statistic.

driving distances by handicap

For a greater insight, Shot Scope have broken down the P-Avg Driving Distances, by 3 handicap brackets. It is evident, that longer hitters, are lower handicaps. Perhaps you could argue that distance off the tee is linked to scoring?

driving distances by age

Taking a look at driving distance by age, also supports the argument that longer hitters score better, but only slightly. As golfers get older, driving distances decrease and average handicap increases.


For amateur golfers, Shot Scope data helps provide a better understanding of the true distances amateur golfers hit the ball of the tee. The statistics are somewhat surprising, with nearly 70% of golfers hitting their Driver less than 250 yards. The brief analyse of distance versus age and handicap, allows small conclusions to be drawn on the fact that lower handicaps hit it further, and handicap increases with age, as distance off the tee decreases.


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