The Iron ‘vs’ Hybrid Battle

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The Iron ‘vs’ Hybrid Battle

Shot Scope have identified just how much more effective an amateur is with a hybrid as opposed to a long iron. The introduction of hybrids changed how long shots were played into the green. Marketed as easier to hit consistently and easier to get up in the air, lots of golfers jumped on the idea. Only recently have manufacturers started producing sets of irons without 3, 4 and 5 irons. This might point towards a reason that a 4 iron/4 hybrid use is now 50-50 among club golfers.

It is interesting that not many handicap golfers would elect to carry a 3 iron, but that the 3 hybrid is the most commonly carried hybrid. In general terms, a hybrid will travel 8 to 12 yards further than the corresponding iron, but in reality accuracy and consistency are the keys.

Due to the fact that most golfers carry either a hybrid or an iron, it is very difficult to compare them directly. Instead, Shot Scope has looked at the data regarding the distance the club was hit from, and the result.

Interestingly, from over 200 yards a hybrid is almost twice as effective compared to a long iron. It is still more effective between 180-200 yards, but that gap closes within 180 yards. This proves that most golfers should not be carrying irons which they can hit over 180 yards – instead, swap them for a hybrid.

Shot Scope captures data from all around the world. It is used globally in 52 countries. Shot Scope are the innovators of the first ever golf watch with both GPS and Performance Tracking combined in one device. Go to to find out more.


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