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The Lob Wedge Addiction

The lob wedge addiction is shown by 8 to 20 handicappers within 20 yards of the green. Why do they love it? Many golfers regard it as the ‘short game club’, having seen Tour pros pull one out to get the ball checking next to the hole. People see Phil Mickleson use is 60° wedge all the time and think ‘I can do that!’ Well the harsh reality is – you can’t.

8 to 20 handicap golfers use their lob wedge 38% of the time – yet this club, in the same handicap category, accounts for only 8% of up and downs made.

Golfers can see an instant performance improvement by not using the LW as much. A great concept is to use a club less than you normally would. So for instance, if you think ‘I will chip with my SW’, try using your PW instead. Your scores will thank you for it.

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