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Understanding Shot Scope Statistics – Club Distances

Discover how far you hit each club in the bag, in the ‘CLUBS’ section of the Performance Dashboard or Mobile App.

The Shot Scope Performance Dashboard allows you to dive into more detail than the App does, however the App still provides you with the 4 main types of stats; Average, Performance Average, Longest and Usage.

The image above explains how each of the stats vary from one another. For playing purposes we recommend that you reference the P-Avg distances (abbreviation for Performance Average) as you should be striving to hit each shot at the best of your ability.

To break these stats down even further, you can view by type of shot; Tee Shot or Approach Shot. For example, the image shows the P-Avg for Tee Shots, these numbers will differ from the P-Avg for All Shots.

Selecting Short Game will only allow you to discover which clubs you use most frequently for Short Game shots.

You can look at your stats for your last round, last 5 rounds or last 15 rounds too, this will help provide an indication whether the changes you have made are helping your game, i.e. increasing distance or not.

Lastly, you can of course, look at your distances for this year, versus any previous years, as all past data remains on your account.

Top Tip

The gapping between each club should be between around 10-15 yards. If your club distances aren’t spaced out evenly, it can leave gaps in your game. Get your lofts and lies checked once or twice a year, as the clubface can move and change easily from being hit or put back into the bag.


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