Care Advice

Looking after your PRO L2

Looking after your rangefinder

  • Avoid touching the lens when possible. If the lens becomes dirty, please wipe gently with the cleaning cloth provided.
  • Avoid collision or heavy pressure when carrying or using the rangefinder, keep away from heat or corrosives.
  • The product is shower proof. Please store the product in a dry, cool, ventilated place, avoiding direct sunlight, dust and temperature shock.
  • If the rangefinder comes into direct and prolonged contact with chemicals or sunscreen its appearance may be altered.

Factors affecting the distance measurement and accuracy

Laser reflection:

The rangefinder measures the distance based on the time it takes the laser beam to travel to the target and back. The larger the target or lighter the surface the more accurate the measurement will be.

Influence of glare:

The rangefinder applies 905nm laser, which is the same as the sunlight 905 band wavelength. If the sunlight is very bright and glaring, it can interfere with the light returning and reduce the measurement distance.

Rain and fog:

Adverse weather such as rain and fog may affect the laser ray path.

This could lead to a measurement error.


  • Do not stare into the laser beam.
  • Do not aim directly at the sun. Eyes can be permanently damaged by looking into the sun with this device and it can cause permanent damage to components inside the device.
  • Keep the rangefinder away from direct sunlight.
  • Do not expose the device to extremely high or low temperatures. Temperature range for rangefinder: -10°C to 60°C.
  • If the device shows any type of damage, such as bulging, swelling or disfigurement, discontinue use immediately and contact
  • Do not attempt to disassemble, modify, re-manufacture or damage the device. Please send to Shot Scope Technologies Ltd for repair.
  • Avoid extreme shock and harsh treatment, as it can degrade the life of the device.
  • Do not spray any chemicals on the device in an attempt to clean. Only use a damp cloth or paper towel with water to clean the device.

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