100 Million shots recorded!

100 Million shots recorded!

20 May 2021

Shot Scope pass landmark figure of 100 million tracked golf shots

Tuesday 18th May 2021 – The day Shot Scope hit the landmark figure of 100 million golf shots tracked using its performance tracking golf watches.

“Everyday tens of thousands of golfers all over the world use our GPS Smart Watches and rangefinders to manage their golf games, and track their performance,” said David Hunter, CEO, Shot Scope. “To reach the 100 million shot mark, with 50 million coming in less than year, shows that not only is golf surging right now, but golfers are committed to game improvement more than ever.”

Shot Scope are delighted to be able to reach this milestone in such a short period of time, it is a testament to the tens of thousands of our users all around the world. Every day Shot Scope watches are used worldwide by golfers all striving for the same thing – to simply enjoy the game of golf. Playing better golf is key to maintaining enjoyment levels and Shot Scope helps golfers achieve just that.

By analysing the data collected from all 100 million shots, we have been able to identify five key themes and findings that we are confident will help amateur golfers to continue lowering their scores.

5 key themes identified from collecting 100 million shots:

what we learned from 100 million shots

By tracking your game with a device like Shot Scope, you can start to learn and understand about your game, enabling you to identify strengths and key areas for improvement.

Details of the 100 Millionth shot

On Tuesday 18th May 2021, Michael Sember a resident at The Villages, Florida, set out to play his usual round of golf at Bonifay Country Club and little did he know that Shot Scope’s 100 millionth shot was close to being hit.

Michael Sember, is a US Air Force Veteran who only took up golf 5 years ago at the age of 72.

Michael was playing the Par 5 18th hole at Bonifay Golf and Country Club, The Villages when he recorded the 100 Millionth shot. The shot itself was Michael’s 24-degree hybrid from the fairway bunker. The shot travelled 135 yards onto the green and Michael 2 putted for a Par 5.

When we asked Michael about the shot he told us: “That happened to be one of my better shots of the day. I only started playing golf 5 years ago and I continually strive to get better and using Shot Scope gives me excellent feedback on my shortcomings.”

Shot Scope's 100 millionth shot

To mark such an occasion Shot Scope were delighted to offer $1000 to spend at Ben Hogan Golf, to the lucky Shot Scope user who hit that landmark shot. The $1000 could be spent on a variety of products from Ben Hogan, whether that be a new set of irons and a putter, or some new wedges and fairway woods – it was the winners choice. Thank you to Ben Hogan for supporting our 100 Millionth shot.


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