G5 GPS Watch – The Verdict

G5 GPS Watch – The Verdict

3 August 2023

With the recent launch of our G5 GPS watch, many golfers out there may be wondering if they should invest in the customisable and functional watch. We have collated some reviews to help with your decision.

Do you use a GPS Watch, or are you looking to invest in one? The G5 is a great option for golfers looking for something stylish and simple to use.

Ready to play out of the box with front middle, and back dynamic GPS distances as well as yardages to hazards and layup points, the G5 is packed full of features. All of which are covered below!

Bunkered offer both a written review and Youtube video which you can watch below. We can confidently say they were impressed!

Bunkered G5 Review

MyGolfSpy give you their first impressions and final thoughts on the G5 GPS watch. Comparing it to similar products from various manufacturers, MyGolfSpy were impressed with how easy to use the G5 is.

Coach Lockey shows just how easily and quickly the G5 can be setup out of the box before heading out onto the course.

Coach Lockey G5 Review

Let’s Play Thru unboxes the G5 before testing it on course and giving their final thoughts on the GPS watch. ‘Great value, gets the job done, and looks really nice‘.

Let’s Play Thru G5 GPS Watch Review

Andy’s Golf Blog shares everything you need to know about the G5 and the various features that the watch offers golfers.

Andy’s Golf Blog G5 need to knows

There you have it, the Shot Scope G5 is affordable, easy to use, and does everything you need a GPS watch to do. Build your own G5 to suit your style here.

The future of golf is powered by Shot Scope.


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