New Feature added to V3

New Feature added to V3

12 August 2021

What’s New?

We have had many requests for new features to be added to our products, some of which we can do, and some which are more difficult. However, one of the most popular requests has been for lay-up distances to be added to our golf GPS watches.

Shot Scope are pleased to release lay-up points onto the V3 watch this week, and it will be added to G3 in the near future too.

Lay-Up Points

Included in the course hazards, you will now find lay-up distances for:

  • 100 yard lay-up
  • 150 yard lay-up
  • 200 yard lay-up

These lay-up points are all in the middle of the fairway, and the distance to the lay-up point is in a straight line from where you are standing (see graphic below for a visual). 

Note: If there is a bunker or other hazard at the same place as a lay-up point, e.g. 100 yards the 100 yard lay-up point will not be shown on that hole. 

How to access lay-up distances?

First, you will need to update the firmware of your watch (2.4.0 for V3). Once this is completed you will also need to update any course you plan on playing, to ensure the lay-up points will show. 

After these updates are completed and you are on the course, you can simply access the lay-up distances in the same way you would access hazards. Unlock the screen (bottom left button), then top right button for hazards. The lay-up distances will be shown in amongst the hazards for that hole, you may need to scroll up and down to find them.

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