Shot Scope Academy

Shot Scope Academy

2 February 2023

Connecting Players and Coaches Like Never Before

Shot Scope Academy allows golfers and coaches to connect via the new interactive platform on the Shot Scope web dashboard.

For Coaches

Analyse your players’ data, enhance your lessons and increase your revenue

  • Make every lesson count
  • Engage with students 24/7
  • Become a more informed coach

With full access to all your student’s statistics and the ability to view their performance on the course, Shot Scope Academy enables a coach to plan exactly what needs to be worked on in an upcoming lesson.

The web dashboard provides a coach with the tools to pick apart their student’s game and identify the strengths and weaknesses of that particular golfer. Not only that, but being able to dive in and see the rounds played via a birds-eye view of every shot hit on the course, the coach can gain insights in a matter of minutes as opposed to the hours spent on the course during a playing lesson or watching their student play.

Using the course analysis and shots plotted feature allows a coach to identify any trends or course management issues in their student’s game.

For Golfers

  • Easily share your statistics with your coach
  • Have more productive lessons with your coach
  • Improve your weaknesses quicker

Shot Scope Academy allows you to share your Shot Scope account with your golf coach. Once connected, your coach can easily view and access all of your Shot Scope data in your account – you no longer need to send screenshots or share your login details!

As a Shot Scope user, this feature won’t look too different to you. You will be able to search for a coach under ‘My Account’ when using the web dashboard. Adding a coach gives this coach access to all your Shot Scope data.

Your coach can leave comments on your account for instant feedback or reminders about what you need to focus on out on the course. You can reply directly to these comments on the web dashboard via the message inbox icon next to your account profile photo.  

What are the next steps?

If you are a coach who is interested in Shot Scope Academy, you can find out more and sign up here.

If you are a Shot Scope user, you can now search and add your coach under ‘My Account’ on the web dashboard (not the mobile app). If they do not appear on the system, please ask them to get in contact with or follow the steps in this article.


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