Shot Scope Pre-Orders Shipping Globally

Shot Scope Pre-Orders Shipping Globally

4 July 2016

Pre-ordered Shot Scope Performance Tracking Systems have now been shipped out to 22 countries worldwide and 21 states in the USA. From Scotland to Bermuda, China to Denmark and Jersey to South Africa – the performance tracking revolution has begun. The Shot Scope pre-order launched between January and March 2016 to great demand. The early adopters of the new technology will begin receiving their Shot Scope wristbands and tags in the coming days. There’s still time to join the active reserve list at to be eligible for priority purchase of the next available units. Designed, manufactured and engineered in Scotland the bands will now be played with globally. The Shot Scope Performance Tracking System has been in development for two and a half years and provides an experience like no other. There is no manual tagging or requirement to carry a phone. Shot Scope is also the first system to calculate putting data and provide meaningful putting performance feedback on With great interest from professional, elite amateur and college golfers internationally, now is the time to join the Shot Scope community.


Shot Scope is a revolutionary performance tracking system designed by golfers, for golfers. It is comprised of a wristband and a set of 20 unique tags which work together to provide an impressive wearable platform to improve your game.

The intuitive system allows the golfer to know, change and improve their game to achieve long term results. It presents a level of data that was previously only available to top tour professionals, providing over 100 statistics which enable enhanced performance. Analytics provide actionable insights, identifying strengths and weaknesses to ensure that potential is maximised in game play and that areas for improvement are recognised. When equipped with this knowledge the golfer is in charge of their own game, giving them the power to vastly improve their own performance and know their game better than ever.

The technology used within the system allows for uninterrupted play, working in the background to constantly collect rich data without requiring manual input. The Club Sense technology works with the tags, inserted into the top of grips, to detect which club is in use so no manual tagging is required. They weigh only 1.2g and therefore doesn’t impact on the club’s swing weight. Accuracy is ensured with integrated GPS tracking that pinpoints the exact location of shots. Data is then uploaded to a computer or smartphone, via Bluetooth or USB connections, where it can be viewed instantly. It maps all of the shots taken onto an overhead view of the course which provides a unique vantage point. Statistics are displayed in meaningful charts, graphs and tables to allow for real understanding of the information. Insights include: club choices and their impact, more information of tee shot performance, deeper understanding of approaches, development of in depth knowledge of short game and an insight into improvements within putting performance. The information is viewed within the context of the online community. This next level of player interaction allows you to engage with the golfing community, compete with friends and monitor long terms goals and achievements. This is an exciting golfing platform that offers a new way to engage with fellow golfers.

Shot Scope has been ruled as conforming to the Rules of Golf and can therefore be used in competitive play. When this is combined with the long battery life and memory storing capabilities, you can safely track all of your rounds for maximum data collection. The more information you gather the more accurate your statistics will be and the greater the possibilities for improvement. Shot Scope is a user-friendly tool which will be hugely impactful on the performance and progression of golfers everywhere. Providing a level of data analysis which was once only available to the elite, Shot Scope makes it available to golfers of all levels so that we can all be Masters of the Game. Join the Performance Tracking Revolution today and watch your game improve.

Shot Scope is a game changer for all golfers. For more information or to reserve a Shot Scope Performance Tracking System visit our website


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