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Shot Scope Stories

We are proud to announce that we now have a Shot Scope Ambassador program: Shot Scope Stories. The ambassadors are all Shot Scope users who have used the product for varying lengths of time and believe Shot Scope has helped them improve their golf game.

Each ambassador has a different story to tell and their stories can be read by clicking here. They are all varying levels of ability with low and higher handicaps, as well as new golfers and those who have been golfing a long time.

Current Shot Scope Ambassadors:          

NameHandicapLocationStarted Using Shot Scope
Kevin McHugh7Scotland, UKNovember 2017
Jimmy Nurre11Virginia, USAFebruary 2017
Lewis Reynolds20Wales, UKSeptember 2018
Frank Fasano12NJ, USAAugust 2018
Russ Groombridge4England, UKApril 2018
Paul Pretorius17England, UKFebruary 2018
Mike Fasano12NJ, USASeptember 2018
Coming Soon
Coming Soon

Shot Scope hope that other Shot Scope users or golfers in general can see an ambassador they can relate to and use Shot Scope to improve their game just as the ambassadors have.

We will be expanding this program over time.


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