Avoid Winter Golf Woes – Get the most out of winter golf

Avoid Winter Golf Woes – Get the most out of winter golf

15 December 2023

For those of us who live in a country where there is an off season in the golfing calendar then this time of year can leave you lost. Here is how to get the most out of the winter season.

Consult your season’s performance data.

The off-season is the perfect time to take a closer look at your data and identify what areas of your game need the most attention. 

If you don’t know where to start with performance data, check out our eBook series, the latest addition How to Improve Your Game with Data can help! Read it here.

Perhaps your putting is the main area costing you on the course or maybe it is short game, identifying the weakest aspect of your game is the first step to improving.

Armed with this information, devise a plan to target this area. Alternatively, head over to the Shot Scope Academy and team up with a registered professional who can tailor a coaching plan to your data.

Remember, the summer season’s golfing success starts in the winter.

Whilst it is not fun practicing in the cold, if you are serious about posting lower scores, then finding a way to get the reps in is crucial – in many ways, golf is a game of reps and although practice doesn’t make perfect, it does make it better. 

winter golf practice

Get comfortable with the winter gear.

For many of us, playing with multiple layers on, mats, winter gloves, etc. is uncomfortable and impacts our swing. What can you do to combat this? Practice like you play!

It might look odd but if you hate cold hands and are considering a pair of winter thermal gloves this season, practice with them on. The gloves are thicker and wearing two can change the feel of the club – a small change but golf is a game of fine margins!

Likewise, familiarising yourself with the dreaded mat is crucial. For many golfers, in the UK, courses will introduce fairway mats to protect the course so getting used to this is vital.

The ball sits roughly half an inch higher which can promote a pull with it being above the feet. Similarly, we have seen players hit the mat rather than the ball resulting in the mat going further than the ball!

Whilst an inconvenience, you can use the mat as a visual aid. Pick your target line and point your mat accordingly, then simply get yourself square to the mat. 

With the length of the winter season, electing not to play at all results in a large proportion of the year being missed, especially in Scotland!

Ahead of Christmas, and perfect for winter, we have our Christmas Gift Guide with some training aids, winter accessories, and much more

Brave the elements, wrap up, and get comfortable with the winter gear.

Keep the swing going.

By this we mean don’t take a step backward by not playing. If you listen to the above and make an effort to get out and play when possible, it can help keep your swing in a good place.

It is very easy to take the winter off but this only hinders your season at the start. In the weekly medal, it is no surprise that those who braved the elements all winter start the season a lot stronger than those who have taken the time off.

Rather than spending this first month of the season trying to find your swing again, by playing in the winter, you can start the season ready to compete.

Work on your strategy.

We recently launched MyStrategy which we are dubbing the ultimate course guide. With over 36,000 courses mapped worldwide and statistical data available from other Shot Scope users, you can craft the perfect plan.

Those that performance track will be able to use their club data to decide the best club selection option for every tee shot. In addition, Shot Scope users will be able to take into account elevation and wind to aid with club selection.

More information on MyStrategy is available here. Build your strategy on the Shot Scope mobile app or web dashboard now!

Winter Golf Prep with MyStrategy

If you want to burst out the gates at the start of the season, pick up some silverware, and build on from where you left off last season then get out, get practicing, and get playing!


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