Gain a New Course Advantage with Shot Scope’s MyStrategy

Gain a New Course Advantage with Shot Scope’s MyStrategy

16 February 2024

The golfing season is rapidly approaching here in the UK and here is how you can gain a new course advantage with MyStrategy before teeing it up next.

Is it a new driver? A new training aid? Some expensive gadget that will revolutionise your golf game? No, no, and no – partly.

No, it’s not expensive, in fact, it’s free, and yes it might just be revolutionary. 

So what is it? Shot Scope’s MyStrategy feature! The data-driven FREE to-use strategy builder that can help take your game to new levels.

MyStrategy overview
MyStrategy screen

How does MyStrategy work? Good question, we have a detailed run-through here.

If you are wondering how best to use to MyStrategy in the build up to the season then look no further, here are some of the great features explained in greater depth.

Shots Plotted Tee Shots

Are there any holes at your local, or favourite courses, that you are just not certain what club to hit? MyStrategy allows you to select a club and view your tee shot data with it.

Your last 30 tee shots with any club will be collated to create your very own dispersion cone.

MyStrategy 8i tendency off
MyStrategy – 8i no tendency

Optimise your dispersion cone by turning on tendency which will allow for your natural shot pattern and alter the cone’s segmentation (shots plotted can be turned on if you wish in the settings). This allows you to pick your target line with data guiding your shot selection.

Mystrategy 8i tendency on
MyStrategy – 8i with tendency on

Pick the perfect target line with MyStrategy.

Shots to Finish

Once you have picked your preferred target line, and possibly trialed some different clubs, you will receive shots to finish data for the potential lie types you may find yourself in. 

Here we can see what a ‘safe play’ may look like with an iron in hand:

MyStrategy 8i for safety
MyStrategy – 8i safe play

When we look at the shots to finish we can see…..

MyStrategy 8i shots to finish
MyStrategy – 8i Shots to Finish

However, if we take the ‘more aggressive’ club off the tee we see something interesting:

MyStrategy 4UI aggressive play
MyStrategy – 4UI Shots to Finish

As we have mentioned in previous blogs, a lot of the time, the safe play isn’t actually helping, and often, is hindering – something to experiment with on MyStrategy.

Perform whatever the weather

Ahead of your next round, consult your preferred weather provider and note what the wind conditions are like.

MyStrategy allows golfers to take into consideration wind and elevation changes to make selecting the correct club a straightforward process. 

One of the common mistakes of the weekend amateur golfer is indecisiveness, in terms of club and shot selection – commitment is key.

Whilst the weather can change, we can see how the wind impacts our distance and dispersion off the tee:

MyStrategy wind on - downwind
MyStrategy – 10mph Downwind

In the image above we can see that a 10mph downwind still suggests 4iron is the club. However, what happens if we reverse that and instead it is 10mph headwind? 

MyStrategy wind on - headwind
MyStrategy – 10mph Headwind

When playing into the wind, in this instance, 3 wood is the club. This carries the first bunker but does not reach the second and gives us a good chance at scoring.

Being able to allow for different wind directions and strengths ahead of time can give golfers clarity before they stand over the ball.

If you are planning for a course you typically play, you may have a pretty good idea of the prevailing wind direction. 

Perhaps for your home course you could add a note for club selection based on direction and speed – you can add and save up to three per hole.

MyStrategy allows you to experiment with all of these features and save notes which you can access remotely on your mobile phone.

Save strokes and stress without stepping foot on the course with the game-changing Shot Scope MyStrategy feature.

Do you want to create your very own data-driven?

MyStrategy is FREE to use with any of our performance tracking devices! We have a product for everyone whether it be the mobile-enabled tracking tags with CONNEX, the X5 GPS watch with automatic shot tracking, or the PRO LX+ 3-in-1 we have you covered.

The future of golf, and lower scores, is powered by Shot Scope.

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