How to Custom Fit your Golf Game Practice

How to Custom Fit your Golf Game Practice

8 September 2023

Practice without purpose or direction, you could argue, isn’t really practice! Here is how Shot Scope can help custom fit your next range session to make some serious improvements.

If you are simply hitting balls with no goal then there is no way of knowing whether or not your efforts are working, the biggest deterrent to practice is typically time. 

With all the demands of life, many amateurs neglect practicing due to other commitments, however, Shot Scope performance tracking and Shot Scope Academy can help you make the most out of every session and lesson.

Performance tracking allows players to collect data whilst on the course and review their game post-round. Using the free Shot Scope mobile app or web dashboard, easily identify which areas of your game are costing you strokes with features like Strokes Gained and Handicap Benchmarking. 

Covering every aspect of your game, performance tracking takes the guesswork out of your game showing detailed data on every shot played including by distance and lie type. 

With this information, you can pinpoint the exact areas of your game that are hindering performance and devise a plan to target them. This plan can be exclusive to you or you can receive the help of a Shot Scope Academy registered coach and embark on the journey to lower scores with the guidance of a Professional.

Shot Scope Academy bridges the gap between player and coach like never before. For the first time, coaches can see every shot you play and easily identify the exact areas that need to be improved. 

How often do you go into a lesson and find that you cannot cover everything you want to? Or you hit the ball great but simply cannot score on the course struggle? Not anymore!

Academy allows your coach to see every shot you play covering every detail from distance, lie type, proximity, and Strokes Gained allowing analysis like never before. 

Want to know more about Academy? Check out this blog.

Performance tracking is a proven method of lowering scores, and Shot Scope Academy enlists the guidance of a Professional, making it the ultimate asset for golfers. 

On average Shot Scope users lower their scores by 4.1 strokes! Tracking your golf performance and collecting valuable data is a proven way to improve your game. 

Easily compare and contrast your performance with filters for rounds and seasons. With this information you can see if your practice is working or which aspect of your game is improving the most.

Then, simply re-evaluate your goals and continue with your journey to lower scores with Shot Scope. We offer various methods of data collection – something for everyone.

Our new and improved PRO LX+ is perfect for the golfer that wants it all – GPS, laser rangefinder, and performance tracking in one! The X5 GPS watch offers players a premium watch with automatic shot tracking, a seamless data collection experience. Lastly, CONNEX, the most affordable method of performance tracking on the market! Mobile enabled data collection with no need for another device.

Interested in purchasing performance tracking tech? With various products to choose from, find out more here.

The future of golf, and lower scores, is powered by Shot Scope.

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