New Course and Hole Analysis – what does it do?

New Course and Hole Analysis – what does it do?

9 May 2022

Analyse your game in more detail than ever before with the recent update to the Shot Scope mobile app.

iOS app version: 2.13.1

Android app version: 3.10.0

The new Course Analysis feature on the mobile app offers golfers an advanced breakdown of their performance on specific courses or individual holes. To access this on the app, go to your ‘rounds’ select any round, and below the scorecard there will be a button for ‘Course Statistics’.

Course-specific statistics give golfers a comprehensive understanding of how they perform on any given course. Use this to analyse your performance at your home course, or any courses you play regularly. This feature can be filtered by date range, but also by what set of tees you have played from – allowing you to compare your performance in a competition against a casual round with friends.

Course analysis provides new statistics about any given course you have played – average score for each hole, best round score and performance stats for each game area – tee shots, approach play, short game and putting.

As part of this, every hole is ranked based on how you perform on that specific hole. The rank is based on average score v par and works similarly to stroke index. 1 being the most challenging hole for you, and 18 the easiest. There is also a strokes gained rank, which is based on your strokes gained against a certain handicap benchmark for that hole.

Having both individual hole ranks and a strokes gained hole rank offers a different way to analyse performance. For example, it might show that on a long Par 4 your average score v par is quite high and therefore ranks as a relatively difficult hole for you, however the strokes gained rank might identify that you are gaining strokes on that hole compared to the chosen benchmark, say a 15 handicap and therefore the strokes gained rank is lower.

In addition to overall course analysis, each hole can be broken down individually. This is where you can really dive into detail about how you are performing on any given hole. This information can be used to help form a bespoke game plan that is unique to you, that is based on your actual performance on every hole.

The statistics available for individual holes are broken down into the 4 game areas. Analyse your average score based on tee shot result, average score by club used off the tee, average tee shot distance and strokes gained statistics for that hole. Approach play focuses on proximity to the hole, accuracy, inside 15% and an ‘on in 2’ percentage for Par 5s. Short game allows you to identify if there are any safe places to miss the green, based on your up and down % and proximity from long, short, left and right of the green. View putting statistics to learn if there is a particular green you struggle on – is your first putt distance higher on one hole than others?

When combined, the course and hole analysis features provide key awareness into how you can map your way around the course in a more efficient manner – comparable to a personal stroke saver that is unique to your game.

This interactive and visual display of data allows golfers to easily navigate through the app and pinpoint exactly what areas of their game need improving. The detail provided is tour standard, with golfers having the ability to gain a deeper understanding of all facets within their game.

Not only is this informative to the user, but also to coaches who can get a more detailed, statistically driven, understanding of how their clients are performing out on the course. The information can be used to structure and guide lessons, as well as helping golfers plan out their course strategy before an event.

With the release of these new features golfers will be able to use this tool to help them play their home course to the best of their ability and use the data provided to help with forming a reliable strategy out on the course.

The new analysis feature is available for free to all Shot Scope users who are currently using a product with shot tracking technology, including: V3, H4 and PRO LX+, and is accessible through the mobile app. To find out more, go to

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