How does golf performance tracking work?

How does golf performance tracking work?

21 August 2020

Performance Tracking or Shot Tracking allows you to collect statistics on your game whilst you play then analyze post round. 

Tracking your game helps to ensure you understand what you are capable of and helps identify what your strengths and weaknesses are. Understanding the truth about your game, is the first step to improving – it allows you to set realistic goals based on the statistics of your current golf game.

You might think you are a good short game player who gets up and down often, but perhaps this means you’re not hitting as many greens as you could be. You don’t know until you track.

There are lots of good performance tracking systems on the market from brands like Garmin, Shot Scope and Arccos. Read our blog on Shot Tracking devices here > 

How does the Shot Scope performance tracking device work?

The watch works by automatically sensing the tag during a swing and collecting data, every time the golfer swings the club the Shot Scope V3’s artificial intelligence technology learns more about the golfer’s game.

All you need to do during a round is record the number of putts you have on each hole so the device can note the pin position. Then after the round sync the wristband via the app on your phone and receive over 100 round statistics within seconds. The Shot Scope is one of the most advanced GPS watches on the market with industry leading technology inside the wristband. 

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Shot Scope V3: What’s Inside

AI Swing Technology
AI swing technology works automatically in the background to constantly scan the golfers swing settings to optimize performance tracking.

Power-Sense Strap
Technology inside the strap allows the V3 watch and tags to ‘talk to each other’ and identify what club was hit and its location on the course.

Tags are passive and have individual codes allowing the strap to sense the club used. The Shot Scope V3 comes with 16 lightweight tags that do not impact the golfers game.

Dual GPS
Shot Scope V3 utilises not 1, but 2 GPS antennas. This ensures V3 provides industry leading GPS accuracy on the golf course.

PinCollect Technology
Records the pin location, to provide enhanced approach, short game and putting statistics.

Automatic Tracking
Unlike other Golf Performance Trackers, Shot Scope V3 does not require the user to tag each shot prior to hitting the ball.

Dynamic Yardages
Dynamic yardages provide highly accurate distances to F/M/B of the green and hazards, regardless angle of approach.

Shot Scope V3 performance tracking golf watch is available to buy at most major retailers in the UK (American Golf), USA (Dicks Sporting goods) and Australia (GolfBox) at a retail price of £209 / $219 USD

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Did you know that 84% of missed putts over five feet finish short?

Or, that your typical drive is nearly 30 yards shorter than your Sunday best drive? These are just two intriguing statistics thrown up by Shot Scope’s performance tracking data platform.

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